There are 2 main translations of burn in Italian:

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burn 1

British English: /bəːn/
American English: /bərn/


transitive verb pass., p.pass. burned burnt (British English)

  • 1 (damage by heat or fire)
    (papers, rubbish)
    (building, city)
    (sun) (person, skin)
    (acid) (surface, substance)
    (alcohol, food) (mouth)
    to be burned to the ground, to ashes
    essere distrutto dal fuoco, incenerito
    to be burned alive
    essere bruciato vivo
    to be burned to death to burn one's finger, arm
    bruciarsi un dito, un braccio
    to burn a hole in something
    fare un buco in qualcosa (con la sigaretta, il fuoco)
  • 2 (use) See examples:to burn coal, gas
    andare a carbone, a gas
    the system burns too much oil
    il sistema consuma troppo combustibile
  • 4 (American English) [informal] (electrocute)
    giustiziare sulla sedia elettrica
  • 5 (American English) [informal] (swindle)

intransitive verb pass., p.pass. burned burnt (British English)

  • 1 (be consumed by fire) to burn to a cinder the house burned to the ground
    la casa è completamente bruciata o è ridotta in cenere
  • 3
    (be painful) (blister, wound)
    (from sun) (skin, part of body)
    he has the kind of skin that burns easily
    ha un tipo di pelle che si scotta facilmente
    my throat is burning!
    mi brucia la gola!
    his cheeks were burning (with embarrassment)
    aveva il viso rosso o era tutto rosso (per l'imbarazzo)
  • 4 (Cookery)
    (toast, meat)
  • 5 [figurative] (be eager) See examples:to be burning to do
    ardere o morire dalla voglia di fare
    to be burning with desire, with impatience
    bruciare o ardere di desiderio, d'impazienza

reflexive verb pass., p.pass. burned burnt (British English)

  • to burn oneself


to burn one's boats o bridges

Phrasal verbs

burn away

(candle, log)

burn down:

1 burn down 1.1
bruciare completamente, essere distrutto dal fuoco
(candle, fire)
cominciare a spegnersi
2 burn down [something], burn [something] down

burn off:

1 burn off
2 burn off [something], burn [something] off
distruggere con il fuoco
(paint, varnish)
cauterizzare o bruciare
fare bruciare
(unwanted gas)
[figurative] (energy)

burn out:

1 burn out
(candle, fire)
estinguersi, spegnersi
(light bulb)
(person) (through overwork)
consumarsi, logorarsi
at the rate he's working, he'll burn himself out
2 burn out [something], burn [something] out (destroy by fire) (Auto, Mechanics)
(engine, motor)
3 burn out [somebody], burn [somebody] out (Military)
fare uscire appiccando il fuoco
(besieged citizens, troops)

burn up:

1 burn up 1.1
(fire, flames)
ravvivarsi, divampare
1.2 (Aviation)
(satellite, meteorite)
1.3 (American English) [informal] (get angry)
arrabbiarsi di brutto
1.4 (get feverish)
2 burn up [something], burn [something] up
(calories, fuel, waste)
(sun) (lawn, vegetation)
she burns up all her energy worrying
spreca tutte le sue energie a preoccuparsi
to be burned up with hatred, with envy [figurative]
essere roso o consumato dall'odio, dall'invidia
3 burn up [somebody], burn [somebody] up (American English) [informal] (make angry)
fare arrabbiare

Definition of burn in:

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There are 2 main translations of burn in Italian:

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burn 2
British English: /bəːn/
American English: /bərn/


Definition of burn in:

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