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British English: /kliːn/
American English: /klin/

Translation of clean in Italian:


  • 1 (not dirty)
    (clothes, dishes, floor, window)
    (air, water)
    pulito, puro
    it is not very clean to do
    non è molto pulito fare
    she keeps her house clean
    tiene la casa pulita
    my hands are clean
    ho le mani pulite (also figurative)
    clean and tidy
    pulito e ordinato
    a clean sheet of paper
    un foglio bianco
    to rinse, wash something clean to lick one's plate clean
    (person) [figurative]
    non lasciare neanche una briciola
    leccare la ciotola
    keep your shoes clean
    tieni le scarpe pulite
  • 2 (with no pollution)
    (bomb, environment, process)
  • 3 (not obscene)
    non volgare
    keep it o the conversation clean!
    non cadiamo nel volgare!
  • 6 [informal] (without illicit property)he's clean
    è pulito
    the car, room is clean
    non abbiamo trovato niente nell'auto, nella stanza



  • to give something a clean
    dare una pulita a qualcosa

transitive verb

  • 1
    pulire (room, shoes, gun)
    to clean something from o off
    togliere qualcosa da (hands, wall, car)
    to clean the blackboard to have something cleaned
    fare lavare qualcosa o portare qualcosa a lavare
    to clean one's teeth
    lavarsi i denti
  • 2 (Cookery)
    pulire (chicken, fish, vegetables)

intransitive verb

  • 1 (do housework) I've been cleaning all morning
    ho passato la mattinata a fare le pulizie

reflexive verb

  • to clean itself
    pulirsi, lavarsi


to come clean about something

spiattellare qualcosa

I'll have to come clean

dovrò vuotare il sacco

to make a clean sweep of something

fare piazza pulita di qualcosa

Phrasal verbs

clean down:

clean [something] down, clean down [something]
pulire qualcosa a fondo

clean off:

1 clean off (stain)
andar via
this mark won't clean off
questa macchia non vuole andar via
2 clean [something] off, clean off [something]
cancellare (chalk mark)
togliere (stain, graffiti)
to clean something off
cancellare qualcosa su (blackboard)
togliere qualcosa da (car, wall)

clean out:

1 clean [something] out, clean out [something] (cleanse thoroughly)
ripulire, vuotare (cupboard, stable, toilets)
you should clean out your ears [informal]
dovresti sturarti le orecchie
2 clean [somebody, something] out, clean out [somebody, something] (leave empty, penniless)
ripulire (house)
(thief, shopping trip, holiday)
vuotare le tasche a (person)
“another game?” - “no, I'm cleaned out [informal]
“ancora una partita?” - “no, sono pelato”
3 clean [somebody] out of
portare via [qualcosa] a qualcuno (jewellery, money)

clean up:

1 clean up 1.1 (remove dirt) 1.2 (tidy)
mettere in ordine (after somebody dietro a qualcuno)
1.3 (wash oneself) 1.4 [informal] (make profit)
fare grossi guadagni (on con)
vincere molto
2 clean [somebody] up
lavare (patient)
come and let me clean you up (to child)
vieni che ti lavo
3 clean [something] up, clean up [something] 3.1 (remove dirt)
raccogliere, tirar su (rubbish, spillage)
pulire (area)
clean that rubbish up off o from the floor
3.2 [figurative]
(remove crime) ripulire (street, city)
(make less obscene) rendere meno volgare (TV programme, comedy act)
3.3to clean up one's act
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