Translation of draw in Italian:


Pronunciation: /drɔː/


vt (pt drew pp, drawn)


Phrasal verbs

draw away

vi (go ahead) distanziarsi; (move off) allontanarsi

draw back

vt tirare indietro; ritirare [hand]; tirare [curtains]

draw in

vt ritrarre [claws etc]
vi [train] arrivare; [days] accorciarsi

draw on

vt attingere a [savings, sb's experience]

draw out

vt (pull out) tirar fuori; ritirare [money]
vi [train] partire; [days] allungarsi

draw up

vt redigere [document]; accostare [chair] draw oneself up [to one's full height] drizzarsi
vi (stop) fermarsi

Definition of draw in:

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