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fly 1

British English: /flʌɪ/
American English: /flaɪ/


  • 2 (of tent)
    telo (masculine) esterno

also: flies plural noun

transitive verb pass. flew p.pass. flown

  • 1 (operate)
    pilotare (aircraft, spacecraft)
    fare volare (model aircraft, kite)
    the pilot flew the plane to…
    il pilota portò l'aereo a…
  • 2 (transport by air)
    trasportare (in aereo) (person, animal, wounded, supplies, food)
    we will fly you to New York for £150
    vi portiamo in aereo a New York per 150 sterline
    to fly troops, food out to the scene
    trasportare sul posto truppe, viveri
  • 3 (cross by air)
    attraversare in aereo (Atlantic, Channel)
  • 4 (cover by air)
    (bird, aircraft, spacecraft)
    percorrere (distance)
    I fly over 10,000 km a year
    percorro o faccio più di 10.000 km all'anno in aereo

intransitive verb pass. flew p.pass. flown

  • 1
    (bird, insect, aircraft, rocket, balloon, kite)
    volare (from da) (to a)
    to fly north, south
    volare verso nord, sud
    to fly over o across something
    sorvolare qualcosa
    to fly past o over(head)
    passare in volo
    a swan flew past the window
    un cigno passò in volo davanti alla finestra
    to fly into a cage
    entrare volando in una gabbia
    to fly into a tree to fly into Gatwick the bird flew down and ate the bread
    l'uccello si calò in volo e mangiò il pane
    there's a mosquito flying around
    c'è una zanzara in giro
    rumours were flying (around)
    giravano delle voci
  • 2
    viaggiare in aereo
    to fly from Heathrow
    decollare o partire da Heathrow
    to fly from Rome to Athens
    volare da Roma ad Atene
    to fly in Concorde
    volare con il Concorde
    she flew to Madrid in a helicopter
    volò a Madrid in elicottero
    we fly to Boston twice a day
    ci sono due voli giornalieri per Boston
    to fly out to
    partire in volo verso
    to fly home
    tornare in aereo
    to fly around the world
    fare il giro del mondo in aereo
  • 3 (be propelled)
    (bullet, glass, sparks, insults, threats)
    to fly over the wall, across the room, into the room
    volare oltre il muro, attraverso la stanza, nella stanza
    a splinter flew into his eye to fly in all directions
    volare da tutte le parti
    to fly open
    to go flying [informal]
    (person, object)
    fare un volo
    to send somebody flying [informal]
    mandare qualcuno a gambe all'aria
    to send something flying [informal]
    fare volare qualcosa
    to fly at somebody
    assalire qualcuno
    to fly into a rage o temper [figurative]
    andare in collera o infuriarsi
    to fly into a panic [figurative]
  • 4 (rush, hurry)I must fly!
    devo (proprio) scappare!
    to fly past
    passare o superare a tutta velocità
    to fly in, out etc.
    precipitarsi dentro, fuori ecc.
  • 5 (go quickly)
    also: fly past fly by
    (time, holidays)
    volare, passare in fretta
    time flies when you're having fun!
    il tempo vola quando ci si diverte!
  • 7 [formal] (flee) to fly from somebody, something
    fuggire da qualcuno, qualcosa


on the fly

(while in motion) al volo
al volo

to fly in the face of

(defy) sfidare (authority, danger, tradition)
(contradict) essere in palese contraddizione con (evidence, proof)

to let fly (with)

scoccare (arrow)
scaricare (hail of bullets)

to let fly a stream of abuse

rovesciare una sfilza di improperi

to let fly at somebody

attaccare qualcuno, scagliarsi contro qualcuno

he really let fly

Phrasal verbs

fly away

volare via (also figurative)

fly in:

1 fly in
arrivare in volo
to fly in from Oslo
arrivare in aereo da Oslo
2 fly [something, somebody] in, fly in [something, somebody]
portare con l'aereo (food, supplies)
to have somebody, something flown in
fare arrivare qualcuno, qualcosa in aereo

fly off

(bird, insect)
volare via
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There are 3 entries that translate fly into Italian:

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fly 2

British English: /flʌɪ/
American English: /flaɪ/


(Zoology, Fishing)


to drop, die like flies

he wouldn't hurt o harm a fly

there are no flies on her

Definition of fly in:
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There are 3 entries that translate fly into Italian:

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fly 3

British English: /flʌɪ/
American English: /flaɪ/


  • 2 (American English)
Definition of fly in:
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