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British English: /frɒm/
, /frəm/
American English: /frəm/
When from is used as a straightforward preposition in English, it is translated by da in Italian: from Rome = da Roma; from Lisa = da Lisa. Remember that the preposition from + the is translated by one word in Italian; the following cases may occur: from the cinema = (da + il) dal cinema; from the stadium = (da + lo) dallo stadio; from the church = (da + la) dalla chiesa; from the hospital, from the abbey, from the hotel = (da + l') dall'ospedale, dall'abbazia, dall'hotel; from the mountains = (da + i) dai monti; from the open spaces = (da + gli) dagli spazi aperti; from the houses = (da + le) dalle case. - From is often used after verbs in English ( suffer from, benefit from, protect from etc.): for translations, consult the appropriate verb entry ( suffer, benefit, protect etc.). - From is used after certain nouns and adjectives in English ( shelter from, exemption from, free from, safe from etc.): for translations, consult the appropriate noun or adjective entry ( shelter, exemption, free, safe etc.). - This dictionary contains lexical notes on such topics as , , . Many of these use the preposition from. For these notes see the end of the English-Italian section. - For examples of the above and particular usages of from, see the entry below


  • 1 (indicating place of origin)goods from Denmark
    merci dalla Danimarca
    a flight, train from Naples
    un volo, un treno da Napoli
    a friend from Chicago
    un amico di Chicago
    a colleague from Japan
    un collega giapponese
    people from Spain
    gli spagnoli
    where is he from?
    da dove viene? di dov'è?
    she comes from Oxford
    è di Oxford
    a tunnel from X to Y
    una galleria che unisce X con Y
    the road from A to B
    la strada (che va) da A a B
    noises from upstairs
    rumori (che provengono) dal piano di sopra
    to take something from one's bag, one's pocket
    tirare fuori qualcosa dalla borsa, dalla o di tasca
    to take something from the table, the shelf
    prendere qualcosa sul tavolo, sulla mensola
    from under the table
    da sotto il tavolo
  • 2 (expressing distance)10 km from the sea
    a 10 km dal mare
    it's not far from here the journey from A to B
    il viaggio da A a B
  • 4 (using as a basis)from a short story by Maupassant
    da un racconto di Maupassant
    from life to grow geraniums from seed
    seminare dei gerani
    to speak from notes
    parlare consultando degli appunti
    to speak from experience
    parlare per esperienza
  • 5 (representing, working for)a man from the council
    un uomo del comune
    a representative from Grunard
    un rappresentante della Grunard
  • 6 (among)to select o choose o pick from
    scegliere tra
  • 7 (indicating a source)a card from Pauline
    una cartolina di Pauline
    a letter from them
    una loro lettera
    where did it come from?
    da dove arriva?
    where does he come from? an extract, a quote from somebody
    un brano, una citazione di qualcuno
    to read from the Bible
    leggere un passo della Bibbia
    I got no sympathy from him
    non ha mostrato alcuna compassione per me
    you can tell him from me that …
    puoi dirgli da parte mia che …
  • 8 (expressing extent, range)wine from £5 a bottle
    vino a partire da £5 (al)la bottiglia
    children from the ages of 12 to 15
    bambini dai 12 ai 15 anni
    to rise from 10 to 17%
    passare dal 10 al 17%
    it costs anything from 50 to 100 dollars
    costa dai 50 ai 100 dollari
    everything from paperclips to wigs
    tutto dalle graffette alle parrucche
    from start to finish o from beginning to end
  • 9 (in subtraction)10 from 27 leaves 17
    27 meno 10 fa 17
  • 10 (because of, due to)I know from speaking to her that …
    parlando con lei ho saputo che …
    he knows her from work
    l'ha conosciuta sul lavoro
  • 11 (judging by) from what she said
    da ciò che ha detto
    from what I saw
    da ciò che ho visto
    from his expression, I'd say he was furious
    dalla sua espressione, avrei detto che era furioso
    from the way he talks you'd think he was an expert
    dal modo in cui parla si potrebbe pensare che sia un esperto
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