Translation of give in Italian:


Pronunciation: /gɪv/

vt (pt gave pp, given)


  • (to charity) fare delle donazioni; (yield) cedere

Phrasal verbs

give away

vt dar via; (betray) tradire; (distribute) assegnare give away the bride portare la sposa all'altare

give back

vt restituire

give in

vi (yield) arrendersi

give off

vt emanare

give out

vi [supplies, patience] esaurirsi; [engine, heart] fermarsi
vt (distribute) distribuire; diffondere [heat]

give over

vi give over! piantala!

give up

vt rinunciare a give oneself up arrendersi

give way

vi cedere; [Auto] dare la precedenza; (collapse) crollare

Definition of give in:

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