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pitch 1

British English: /pɪtʃ/
American English: /pɪtʃ/


  • 9 (in mountaineering)
    lunghezza (feminine) di corda

transitive verb

  • 1 (throw)
    gettare, buttare (object) (into in)
    (Sport) to pitch hay (Agriculture)
    caricare fieno (gettandolo coi forconi nei carri)
    the horse pitched her off
    il cavallo l'ha disarcionata
    the carriage turned over and she was pitched out
    la carrozza si capovolse e lei fu proiettata o sbalzata fuori
    the passengers were pitched forward
    i passeggeri sono caduti in avanti
  • 2
    (aim, adjust) adattare (campaign, publicity, speech) (at a)
    (set) fissare (price)
    newspaper, programme pitched at young people the exam was pitched at a high level
    l'esame è stato adattato a un livello avanzato
    to pitch one's ambitions too high
    spingere troppo in là le proprie ambizioni, mirare troppo in alto
    to pitch something a bit strong [informal]
  • 5to pitch somebody a story [informal]
    (rac)contare una storia a qualcuno
    to pitch somebody an excuse [informal]
    inventarsi una scusa con qualcuno

intransitive verb

  • 1 (be thrown)
    (rider, passenger, cyclist)
  • 3 (American English) (in baseball)


to make, give a pitch for somebody, something

(American English)
spezzare una lancia in favore di qualcuno, qualcosa

Phrasal verbs

pitch in

1 [informal] (on job)
(set to work) darci dentro
(join in, help) dare una mano
everyone pitched in with contributions
tutti hanno contribuito
2 (start to eat)
lanciarsi, gettarsi sul cibo

pitch into:

1 pitch into [something] (attack) [figurative]
attaccare, dare addosso a (opponent, speaker)
buttarsi in (work)
gettarsi su (meal)
2 pitch [somebody] into (land in new situation)
proiettare qualcuno in (situation)
the circumstances which pitched him into the political arena
le circostanze che l'hanno spinto nell'arena politica
the new director was pitched straight into an industrial dispute
il nuovo direttore si è ritrovato nel bel mezzo di una controversia industriale

pitch out:

pitch out [somebody, something], pitch [somebody, something] out [informal]
buttare fuori, cacciare (troublemaker) (from da)
sbarazzarsi di (object)

pitch over

Definition of pitch in:
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There are 2 entries that translate pitch into Italian:

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pitch 2

British English: /pɪtʃ/
American English: /pɪtʃ/
Definition of pitch in:
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