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shot 1

British English: /ʃɒt/
American English: /ʃɑt/


  • 1 (from gun etc.) to fire o take a shot at somebody, something
    sparare un colpo su o contro qualcuno, qualcosa
    it took several shots to kill him
    ci sono voluti molti colpi per ucciderlo
    the government fired the opening shot by saying… [figurative]
    il governo ha aperto il fuoco dicendo…
  • 2 (Sport)
    (in tennis, golf, cricket) colpo (masculine)
    (in football) tiro (masculine)
    to have o take a shot at goal (in football) “good shot!”
    “bel tiro!”
    two shots up on, behind somebody (in golf)
    due colpi di vantaggio, di ritardo su qualcuno
  • 6 (attempt)to have o take a shot at doing
    tentare di o provare a fare qualcosa
    to give it one's best shot
  • 9 (person who shoots)to be a good, poor shot
    essere un buon, cattivo tiratore
  • 10 [informal] (dose)a shot of whisky, gin
    un bicchierino di whisky, di gin


to call the shots

dettare legge, comandare

to give something a shot in the arm

dare una spinta o impulso a qualcosa

the dog was after the cat like a shot

he'd go like a shot, if he had the chance

partirebbe al volo, se ne avesse la possibilità

“I don't care what you think,” was his parting shot

it was a shot in the dark

ha tirato a indovinare
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There are 2 entries that translate shot into Italian:

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shot 2

British English: /ʃɒt/
American English: /ʃɑt/

past tense, past participle


  • 1
    also: shot through
    shot (through) with gold, red etc.
    striato d'oro, di rosso ecc.
    his hair was shot (through) with grey
    aveva i capelli brizzolati
  • 2 [informal]
    also: shot away
    (destroyed)he is shot (away)
    è distrutto, esausto
    his nerves were shot
    aveva i nervi a pezzi
    his confidence is shot
    la sua sicurezza è distrutta


to be shot of somebody, something

essersi sbarazzato di qualcuno, qualcosa

to get shot of somebody, something

sbarazzarsi di qualcuno, qualcosa
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