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British English: /spiːk/
American English: /spik/

Translation of speak in Italian:

transitive verb pass. spoke [archaic] spake p.pass. spoken

  • 2 (tell, utter)
    dire (truth)
    recitare (poetry)
    pronunciare, dire (word, name)
    to speak one's mind
    esprimere la propria opinione o dire quel che si pensa

intransitive verb pass. spoke [archaic] spake p.pass. spoken

  • 1 (talk)
    parlare (to a) about (of di)
    to speak in a soft, deep voice
    parlare con voce suadente, profonda
    to speak in German, Russian
    parlare in tedesco, russo
    to speak in a whisper
    parlare sottovoce o sussurrare
    to speak ill, well of somebody
    parlare male, bene di qualcuno
    to speak through
    parlare o comunicare per mezzo di (medium, interpreter)
    to speak with one's mouth full speak when you're spoken to!
    parla quando vieni interpellato!
    I've spoken to them severely and they've apologized who's speaking please? (on phone)
    chi parla?
    (this is) Camilla speaking
    sono Camilla o parla Camilla
    “is that Miss Durham?” - “speaking!”
    “la signorina Durham?” - “sono io!”
    I'm speaking from a phone box
    sto chiamando da una cabina telefonica
    this is your captain speaking (Aviation) speaking of which, have you booked a table? speaking of lunch, Nancy…
    a proposito del pranzo, Nancy…
    she is well spoken of in academic circles
    hanno una buona opinione di lei nel mondo accademico
    he spoke very highly of her, her talents he spoke of selling the house, leaving the country to speak as something
    parlare come qualcosa
    speaking as a layman… speaking personally, I hate him speaking personally and not for the company
    parlando a nome mio e non della ditta
    generally speaking
    in generale o in genere
    roughly speaking strictly speaking
    in senso stretto o a rigore
    relatively speaking
    relativamente parlando
    ecologically, politically speaking metaphorically speaking
    parlando metaforicamente
    we've had no trouble to speak of
    non abbiamo avuto problemi degni di nota
    they've got no money to speak of
    sono praticamente senza soldi
    “what did you see?” - “nothing to speak of” not to speak of his poor mother, the expense
    per non parlare della sua povera madre, della spesa
    so to speak
  • 3 (make a speech)
    (more formal) prendere la parola
    to speak from the floor (Politics)
    prendere la parola
    to speak about o on to speak for
    parlare in favore di (view, opinion, party)
  • 4 (express) [literary]to speak of
    manifestare, rivelare (suffering, effort, emotion)
    all creation spoke to me of love
    tutta la creazione mi trasmetteva amore
    that look spoke louder than words
    quello sguardo esprimeva più delle parole
    the poem, music speaks to me in a special way
    quella poesia, quella musica mi trasmette qualcosa di speciale
  • 5 [figurative] (make noise) (gun) this clarinet speaks, does not speak easily
    è facile, difficile fare emettere una nota a questo clarinetto

also: -speak noun in composti

Phrasal verbs

speak against:

speak against [something, somebody]

speak for:

speak for [something, somebody] 1.1 (on behalf of)
parlare per, parlare a nome di, per conto di
it speaks well for their efficiency that they answered so promptly
è un'ottima prova della loro efficienza che abbiano risposto così prontamente
to speak for oneself let him speak for himself
lascia che esprima la sua opinione
speaking for myself…
a mio parere…, secondo me…
speak for yourself!
parla per te!
the facts speak for themselves
1.2 (reserve)to be spoken for
essere prenotato
that picture's already spoken for
quel quadro è già prenotato

speak out

esprimere la propria opinione, pronunciarsi (against contro) (in favour of a favore di)
don't be afraid! speak out!
non aver paura! parla francamente!

speak to:

speak to [something] (Administration)
discutere, commentare (item, motion)
please speak to the point

speak up

1 (louder) 2 (dare to speak)
parlare francamente, senza reticenze
to speak up for somebody, something
dichiararsi, pronunciarsi a favore di qualcuno, qualcosa
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