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British English: /strɪŋ/
American English: /strɪŋ/

Translation of string in Italian:


  • 1 uncountable (twine) a ball, a piece of string
    un gomitolo, un pezzo di corda
    to tie something up with string
    legare qualcosa con della corda
    tied up with string
    legato con della corda
  • 3 (series)a string of
    una sfilza di (visitors, ministers, boyfriends, successes, awards, complaints)
    una serie di (crimes, convictions, scandals, takeovers, novels, victories, insults)
    una catena di (shops, businesses)
  • 4 (set)string of garlic, onions
    treccia d'aglio, di cipolle
    string of pearls
    filo di perle
    string of beads
    collana di perline
    string of islands
    fila di isole
    string of light bulbs
    filo di lampadine
  • 5 (Horse racing)a string of racehorses
    una scuderia di cavalli da corsa
  • 8 (Botany, Cookery) (in bean) to remove the strings from the beans
    togliere i fili dai fagiolini
  • 10
    also: stringboard
    montante (masculine) della scala

also: strings plural noun

  • the strings
    gli strumenti ad arco o gli archi

transitive verb pass., p.pass. strung

  • 1 (Music, Sport)
    incordare (racket, guitar, violin)
    montare la corde su (bow)
    to string [something] tightly
    tendere le corde di (racket)
  • 3 (hang)to string something (up) above, across
    appendere qualcosa sopra, attraverso (street)
    to string something up on
    appendere qualcosa su (lamppost, pole)
    to string something between
    appendere qualcosa tra (trees, supports)

intransitive verb pass., p.pass. strung

  • to string for a newspaper
    lavorare come corrispondente free lance per un giornale


to have somebody on a string

to pull strings

to pull strings for somebody

raccomandare qualcuno

without strings o with no strings attached

senza condizioni o incondizionatamente

to have more than one string o several strings to one's bow

Phrasal verbs

string along

1 (British English) [informal] string along
to string along with somebody
aggregarsi a qualcuno
2 string [somebody] along [pejorative]
menare qualcuno per il naso

string out:

1 string out 2 string [something] out, string out [something]
mettere in fila
to be strung out along
(vehicles, groups)
essere in fila o coda lungo (road)
to be strung out across
disporsi in (field, zone)

string together:

string [something] together, string together [something]
mettere in fila (sentences, words)
legare (songs, rhymes)
unable to string two sentences together [pejorative]
incapace di mettere due frasi di fila

string up

[informal] string [somebody] up
appendere [qualcuno] in alto
he was strung up by the heels
era appeso per i piedi
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