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British English: /θɪk/
American English: /θɪk/

Translation of thick in Italian:


  • 1
    (piece, layer)
    (material, garment)
    spesso, pesante
    (liquid, paste)
    (snow, forest, vegetation)
    (hair, eyebrows, beard)
    (voice) (from sore throat, cold) roco, rauco
    (from alcohol) impastato
    to be 6 cm thick
    essere spesso 6 cm
    how thick is the wall, this piece of steel?
    quanto è spesso il muro, questo pezzo di acciaio?
    a 6 cm-thick piece of wood to make [something] thicker
    addensare (soup, sauce)
    to be thick with smoke
    essere fumoso, pieno di fumo
    to be thick with noise
    essere rumoroso
    to be thick with emotion
    essere carico di emozioni
    a river thick with rubbish
    un fiume pieno di immondizia
    fields thick with poppies
    campi coperti di papaveri
    the air was thick with insults
    volavano molti insulti
    the table was thick with dust
    il tavolo era coperto di polvere
    the ground was thick with ants
    il terreno brulicava di formiche
    to have a thick head (British English) a fog so thick you could cut it with a knife
  • 2 [informal] (stupid) I can't get it into his thick head o skull that …
    non riesco a ficcargli in testa che …
  • 3 [informal] (friendly)they're very thick (with each other)
    sono molto amici
    Tom is very thick with Anne
    Tom e Anne sono molto amici
  • 4 (British English) [informal] (unreasonable)it's a bit thick expecting me to do that!
    è un po' troppo aspettarsi che lo faccia!


  • don't spread the butter on too thick
    non spalmarci troppo burro
    the bread was sliced thick
    il pane era tagliato a fette grosse
    her hair fell thick and straight to her shoulders
    i capelli le cadevano spessi e lisci sulle spalle
    the snow lay thick on the ground



blood is thicker than water

to be thick as a brick

to be thick on the ground

(British English)

to be as thick as two (short) planks

(British English) [informal]
essere una testa di legno

to be as thick as thieves

to lay it on thick

offers of help are coming in thick and fast

stanno arrivando offerte di aiuto da tutte le parti

his tears fell thick and fast

grosse lacrime scendevano sul suo viso

through thick and thin

nella buona e nella cattiva sorte o nel bene e nel male

to be in the thick of

essere nel folto di (battle, fighting)
essere nel bel mezzo di (crowd)

when the riots broke out I found myself in the thick of things

quando si sono scatenate le rivolte mi ci sono trovato nel mezzo
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