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Translation of transfer in Italian:


British English: /ˈtransfəː/
, /ˈtrɑːns-/, /-nz-/
American English: /ˈtræn(t)sfər/
  • 1 (transmission)
    (of information, technology, skills, power, heat, goods, ownership, funds) trasferimento (masculine) (from da) (to a)
    (of shares) trasferimento (masculine) girata (feminine) (from da) (to a)
    (of property) trapasso (masculine) passaggio (masculine) (from da) (to a)
    (of debt) cessione (feminine) voltura (feminine) (from da) (to a)
  • 5 (American English) (Railways)
    biglietto (masculine) con coincidenza

transitive verb forma in -ing ecc. -rr-

British English: /transˈfəː/
, /trɑːns-/, /-nz-/
American English: /trænsˈfər/
, /ˈtrænsfər/
  • 1 (move)
    trasferire, spostare (data, luggage) (from da) (to a)
    tradurre (prisoner) (from da) (to a)
    to transfer data onto hard disc
    riversare o trasferire i dati sull'hard disk
  • 4 (relocate)
    trasferire (employee, office, prisoner, civil servant)
  • 5 (Telecommunications)
    trasferire (call)
    I'm transferring you to reception
    passo la vostra chiamata alla reception
  • 8 (translate)to transfer an idea onto paper
    buttare giù un'idea

intransitive verb forma in -ing ecc. -rr-

British English: /transˈfəː/
, /trɑːns-/, /-nz-/
American English: /trænsˈfər/
, /ˈtrænsfər/
  • 1 (relocate)
    (employee, player, passenger, civil servant)
    I'm transferring to the Boston office
    mi trasferisco nella sede di Boston
  • 2 (Aviation)
    cambiare volo
  • 3 (University)
    (student) (change university) cambiare università
    (change course) cambiare corso
    to transfer from Bath to York
    trasferirsi da Bath a York
Definition of transfer in:
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