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wear 1

British English: /wɛː/
American English: /wɛr/


  • 1 (clothing)
    vestiti (masculine plural)
    abiti (masculine plural)
    children's, beach wear
    abbigliamento per bambini, mare
    in beach, sports wear
  • 2 (use)for everyday wear
    da tutti i giorni
    for summer wear
    per l'estate
    to stretch with wear
    allargarsi con l'uso
    I've had three years' wear out of these boots
    questi stivali mi sono durati tre anni
    there's some wear left in these tyres
    questi pneumatici sono ancora buoni
    there's still a few months' wear in this shirt
    questa camicia può ancora essere usata per qualche mese

transitive verb pass. wore p.pass. worn

  • 1 (have on one's body)
    indossare, portare (garment, jewellery)
    avere (earphones)
    to wear blue to wear a moustache, beard
    avere i baffi, la barba
    to wear one's hair long, short
    portare i capelli lunghi, corti
    to wear one's hair in a bun
    avere lo chignon
    to wear a ribbon in one's hair
    portare un nastro nei capelli
    to wear one's skirts long to wear one's clothes loose
    indossare abiti ampi
  • 3 (use)
    usare (perfume, sun-cream)
    to wear make-up
    she's wearing make-up
    è truccata
  • 4 (display)he o his face wore a puzzled frown
    aggrottò le sopracciglia con un'aria perplessa
    her face wore a smug expression
    aveva un'aria compiaciuta
  • 5 (damage by use)
    consumare (carpet, clothes, clutch, component)
    to be worn to a thread
    essere logoro
    to wear a hole in
    farsi un buco in (garment, sheet)
    to wear a track, a groove in
    aprire un passaggio, un solco in

intransitive verb pass. wore p.pass. worn

  • 1 (become damaged) (carpet, garment, shoes)
    my patience is wearing thin
    comincio a perdere la pazienza
  • 2 (withstand use)a carpet, fabric that will wear well
    un tappeto, una stoffa resistente o che resiste all'uso
    he's worn very well [figurative]
    li porta bene gli anni

Phrasal verbs

wear away:

1 wear away
(cliff, façade)
2 wear away [something], wear [something] away
(footsteps, friction, rubbing)

wear down:

1 wear down
(heel, step, tread)
to be worn down
essere consumato
2 wear down [something], wear [something] down 2.1 (damage)
(friction, person, water)
2.2 [figurative] (weaken)
fare diminuire (resistance)
svigorire (resolve)
intaccare (will)
3 wear [somebody] down

wear off:

1 wear off 1.1 (lose effect)
(feeling, sensation)
when the drug wears off the novelty will soon wear off
1.2 (come off)
(paint, gold plate)
consumarsi, andare via
2 wear [something] off, wear off [something]
fare andare via (paint, varnish)
cancellare (inscription)

wear on

(day, evening)
passare lentamente
as the evening wore on

wear out:

1 wear out
(clothes, shoes, equipment)
my patience is beginning to wear out
comincio a perdere la pazienza
2 wear out [something], wear [something] out
consumare, logorare (clothes, shoes, mechanism)
to wear out one's welcome
non essere più gradito come ospite
3 wear [somebody] out

wear through:

wear through
(elbow, trousers)
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There are 2 entries that translate wear into Italian:

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wear 2

British English: /wɛː/
American English: /wɛr/

transitive verb pass., p.pass. wore

  • fare virare

intransitive verb pass., p.pass. wore

Definition of wear in:
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