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also: a
American English: //
British English: //


  • 1 1.1 (letter) the A to Z of Gardening
    el ABC de la jardinería
    he knows his subject from A to Z
    conoce el tema perfectamente or de cabo a rabo
    to get from A to B
    ir de un sitio a otro
    1.2 (Music) to give somebody an A
    darle el la a alguien
    A flat/sharp/natural
    la bemol/sostenido/natural
    A major/minor
    la mayor/menor
    the piece is in A
    la pieza es en la mayor
    1.3 (grade)
    sobresaliente (masculine) (calificación en la escala que va de A a F en orden decreciente)
  • 2 (Medicine)blood group A
    grupo (masculine) sanguíneo A
    blood group
  • 3 3.1 (in house numbers) 35A
    35 bis
    35 duplicado
    3.2 (in sizes of paper) (British) A3
    A3 (420 x 297mm)
    A4 (297 x 210mm)
    A5 (210 x 148mm)
    3.3 (British) (Transport)
    (indicador de carretera o ruta nacional)
    (before noun) A road
    carretera (feminine) nacional
    ruta (feminine) nacional
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There are 2 entries that translate A into Spanish:

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also: before a vowel or silent ‘h’ an
American English: //
, /ə/
British English: /ə/
, //

indefinite article

  • 1 I have a problem/a question/an idea
    tengo un problema/una pregunta/una idea
    a Mrs Smith called
    llamó una tal señora Smith
    she's a lawyer
    es abogada
    she's a famous lawyer
    es una famosa abogada
    have you got a car/light?
    ¿tienes coche/fuego?
    he didn't say a word
    no dijo ni una palabra
    they're six dollars a kilo
    están a seis dólares el kilo
    half a dozen/an hour
    media docena/hora
    what a pity/coincidence!
    ¡qué lástima/casualidad!
    what a huge dog!
    ¡qué perro más enorme!
    half a cup/spoonful
    media taza/cucharada
  • 2 (per) twice a week
    dos veces por semana or a la semana
    50 miles an hour
    50 millas por hora
    Example sentences
    • The truckers are angry at the rise in diesel prices, which currently average 81.3p a litre.
    • The price of gold rose last week to $309 an ounce - and at one point was $312, its highest for two years.
    • You can't drive over five miles an hour down any street in New York.
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