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Translation of abstract in Spanish:


American English: /æbˈstrækt/
, /ˈæbˌstrækt/
British English: /ˈabstrakt/
  • 1 (theoretical)
    in the abstract
    en teoría
    Example sentences
    • Courts are not supposed to decide questions which are merely moot, theoretical, abstract or hypothetical.
    • So a culture based on abstract reasoning, or on various metaphysical precepts, may itself be simply a product of evolutionary change.
    • Not some theoretical, abstract cost, but a real cost.
  • 2 (Art)
    Example sentences
    • Both legs and abstract shapes contribute to an almost painterly overall compositional effect.
    • It's a beautiful work of abstract colour and texture, of contrasting dark and light.
    • Rothko stresses that the contrast between abstract and representational painting is overdrawn, that all art has subject matter.


American English: /ˈæbˌstrækt/
British English: /ˈabstrakt/
  • 1 (summary)
    Example sentences
    • Dr. De Luca has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles, over 200 abstracts, a book, and holds 12 patents.
    • In the meantime, many journals provide at their Web sites at least a limited listing of tables of contents of their most recent issues, sometimes with abstracts and occasional articles.
    • Content that we intend keeping free throughout this period includes abstracts of articles, rapid responses, and the Editor's Choice column.
  • 2 (painting)
    cuadro (masculine) abstracto
    Example sentences
    • Paint-Or-Die manages to represent a wide gamut of modern painting styles: colour-field painting, abstracts, figurative and representational styles are all here.
    • Working in acrylics, inks, and soft pastels her paintings range from tender abstracts depicting human emotions to more powerful and emotive images full of eastern promise and the mystical unknown.
    • He is now experimenting with big abstracts in oils.

transitive verb

American English: /æbˈstrækt/
British English: /əbˈstrakt/
  • 1 (separate)
    Example sentences
    • But, while Elkins writes good staccato dialogue, he abstracts his characters from society.
    • These are two senses in which mathematics is an abstract subject: it abstracts the important features from a problem and it deals with objects that are not concrete and tangible.
    • The flaw in that approach, in our submission, is that it tends to dismember the definition of ‘refugee’ in Article 1A and then abstracts a particular element from its context and seeks to say that the Tribunal must deal with that element.
  • 2 (draw off)
    Example sentences
    • What makes the humanities (separate from the arts) important is that they take the areas where we have insufficient data and try to abstract useful principles from it.
    • And, even though Patrick Mason's production is presented by Edinburgh's Royal Lyceum Company, I question his decision to abstract the play from its Irish setting with its echoes of the Ulysses Night-town sequence.
    • The most egregious of these is the tendency, exemplified by Norm and Omar, to abstract a situation from the mesh of geopolitical considerations in which it is embedded and reduce it to a stark moral question.
  • 3 (abridge)
    Example sentences
    • Conversely, the same volunteer scholar (noted by his initials at the end of the record) abstracted another article more thoroughly.
    • Final data were abstracted directly from published articles or estimated from descriptive statistics presented in the articles.
    • We thank Michelle Grondin for her help in retrieving articles and abstracting data and Nancy Cleary for her administrative assistance.
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