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  • 1 uncountable/no numerable (insulting language) insultos (masculine plural), improperios (masculine plural) she was subjected to verbal abuse la insultaron to shout abuse at sb insultar a algn, lanzar* improperios contra algn a stream of abuse una sarta de insultos a term of abuse un insulto or una grosería
    More example sentences
    • My use of ‘Yanks’ recently triggered a barrage of criticism from readers suggesting the word was a term of abuse.
    • These complaints were not the normal tirade of abuse and insults we receive but seemed genuine.
    • There are no prizes for guessing what value he places on each: bourgeois is always a term of abuse, revolutionary almost always a term of approbation.
  • 2 c and u (misuse) abuso (masculine); (of prisoners) vejación (feminine) to be open to abuse prestarse al abuso (sexual) abusos (masculine plural) deshonestos ([ a un niño ]) drug abuse consumo (masculine) de drogas or [formal] estupefacientes
    More example sentences
    • This is, as I like to point out, an abuse of history.
    • He claimed the action ‘flew in the face’ of public tendering procedures set out by the Government, and was an abuse of public funds.
    • He said this was an abuse of public monies and the fact there was no contribution from the business community was ‘grossly unfair.’
    More example sentences
    • At worst, Spencer resorted to cruel and violent physical abuse.
    • A pilot study by the police force and the SSPCA in 2000 identified for the first time clear links between animal cruelty and domestic abuse.
    • Last year a training programme was established in the state of Nevada to teach hairdressers to spot the signs of physical abuse and to ask the appropriate questions.
    More example sentences
    • Behaviour like assault, sexual abuse, and rape.
    • Sexual abuse or assault is experienced by more than two in five women and almost three out of 10 men, the report said.
    • The community has a role in terms of prevention of sexual abuse and assault.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 (use wrongly) [power/person/hospitality] abusar de 1.2 [child/woman] maltratar; (sexually) abusar de many children had been sexually abused muchos niños habían sufrido abusos deshonestos [prisoners] vejar

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