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American English: /əˈkaʊnt/
British English: /əˈkaʊnt/

Translation of account in Spanish:


  • 1 (Finance) (with bank, building society) to have an account with or at a bank
    tener una cuenta en un banco
    to open/close/transfer an account
    abrir/cerrar/transferir una cuenta
    personal/company account
    cuenta personal/de gastos
    checking or (British) current account savings or deposit account to put or turn something to (good) account
    sacar (buen) provecho de algo
    Example sentences
    • By the time the error was discovered, B had withdrawn the funds credited to his account by the F Bank.
    • Child Trust Fund accounts are available from banks, building societies and other financial organisations.
    • The money market earns higher interest rates than their savings bank and credit union accounts.
  • 2 (Business)
    (with shop, firm) cuenta (feminine)
    I have an account with them/at the bookstore
    tengo cuenta allí/en la librería
    put it on/charge it to my account they haven't sent their account yet (British)
    todavía no han mandado la cuenta or la factura
    payment on account I gave her $200 on account
    le di 200 dólares a cuenta or de anticipo
    statement of account to keep (an) account of something
    llevar (la) cuenta de algo
    to settle one's account
    pagar or saldar su ( or mi etc. ) cuenta
    to settle or square an account with somebody
    ajustarle (las) cuentas a alguien
    Example sentences
    • Your subscription billing will end on July 16, 2003 and no accounts will be billed after that date.
    • Thus, some consumers pay their electricity bills and telephone accounts in cash.
    • The fact that BMI paid its share of legal accounts billed to the projects does not equate to a solicitor-client relationship with Mr. Melia.
  • 3 (client, contract) to win an account
    conseguir una cuenta or un contrato
    Example sentences
    • Unlike other firms cited in the story, Merrill does not disclose trading volume or the number of accounts in its retail brokerage business.
    • Inspiration to pursue corporate accounts came after a customer made a request for 500 crystal bowls.
    • That's especially helpful when I'm taking over an account from another sales rep.
    Example sentences
    • In the nine months before the Unilever account, BT Global Services won £2bn of contracts.
  • 4 (part of budget)
    Example sentences
    • Any expenditure included in the accounts where receipts or vouchers were not available was properly made in connection with the carrying on of the company's business.
    • Franchisers' financial statements and profit-and-loss accounts, at least in the last two years, should be examined.
    • It alleged that ERF's accounts and financial statements were misstated.
  • 5 (on Stock Exchange)
    (cada una de las quincenas en las que se divide el año en la Bolsa británica)
    (before noun) account day
    día (masculine) de liquidación
  • 6 no satisfactory account of why it happened has ever been given
    nunca se ha dado una explicación satisfactoria de por qué ocurrió
    she gave me a very different account of events
    me dio una versión muy distinta de los hechos
    give an account of the life cycle of the butterfly
    describa el ciclo de vida de la mariposa
    she gave an excellent account of Juliet/the sonata
    ofreció una excelente interpretación de Julieta/la sonata
    by her/his own account
    según él mismo/ella misma cuenta
    by all accounts
    a decir de todos
    por lo que dicen todos
    to bring or call somebody to account for something
    pedirle cuentas a alguien sobre algo
    to give a good account of oneself
    dar lo mejor de sí
    to hold somebody to account for something
    responsabilizar a alguien de algo
    Example sentences
    • As you rightly stated, the story reported was an accurate account of the events in the Council Chamber that evening.
    • Based on eyewitness accounts, the report described how Pashtun villages were attacked after being disarmed by local militia commanders.
    • Most of the accounts describe surrealistic events that usually involve cheating death - but not always.
  • 7 (consideration, reckoning) to take something into account what you haven't taken into account is …
    lo que no has tenido en cuenta es …
    to take account of something
    tomar or tener algo en cuenta
    the report takes no account of the fact that …
    el informe no toma or tiene en cuenta el hecho de que …
  • 8 (importance) [formal]to be of no/little account (to somebody)it's of no account
    no tiene importancia
    our opinion seems to be of no account whatsoever
    parece que nuestra opinión no cuenta or no importa en absoluto
    it is of little account (to me) whether he agrees or not
    a mí me importa muy poco que esté o no de acuerdo
    Example sentences
    • The fact that he has collected so many baubles in the glory years is of no account to the second row.
    • You even have it if the remnant of your unfinished cup of tea has been accidentally thrown away by someone else, who's come upon it and thought it unwanted, of no account.
    • The self-evident fact that the numbers applying for asylum correlate precisely with countries where a dog's life would be a step up is of no account.
  • 10 (in phrases) on account of (as preposition) on account of his age/being too old
    debido a su edad/a que es demasiado mayor
    on this/that account
    por esta/esa razón
    on account of she was late (as conjunction) (US) [colloquial]
    debido a que llegó tarde
    on no account, not on any account
    de ningún modo
    de ninguna manera
    bajo ningún concepto
    on one's own account (for oneself)
    por cuenta propia
    I did it on my own account
    lo hice por cuenta propia
    on somebody's account
    por alguien
    don't start worrying on her account!
    no te preocupes por ella
    I hope you haven't been waiting up on my account
    espero que no te hayas quedado levantada por mí

transitive verb

  • [formal]
    Example sentences
    • This is accounted a U.N. success.
    • Yet if the minister's professional reputation was salvaged, Bellievre's mission to England cannot be accounted a success.
    • In 1862 Deck took part in the International Exhibition in London, which he accounted a great success.

Phrasal verbs

account for

verb + preposition + object
1 1.1 (provide record of, justify)
dar cuentas de
I have to account for every penny I spend
tengo que dar cuentas de cada penique que gasto
$500 remains to be accounted for
aún no se han dado explicaciones sobre el destino de 500 dólares
to account to somebody for something
darle cuentas de algo a alguien
do I have to account to you for everything I do?
¿es que tengo que darte cuentas or explicaciones de todo lo que hago?
is everyone accounted for?
¿falta alguien ( or algún pasajero etc. )?
1.2 (explain)
that would account for his behavior
eso explicaría su comportamiento
the increase is accounted for by the rise in oil prices
el aumento se debe a la subida en el precio del crudo
there's no accounting for taste
sobre gustos no hay nada escrito
hay gustos para todo
2 (add up to) wages account for 70% of the total
los sueldos representan un or el 70% del total
this model accounts for 17% of the market
este modelo tiene el 17% del mercado
3 (defeat, eliminate)
dar cuenta de
acabar con
the children accounted for half the cake
los niños dieron cuenta de or acabaron con la mitad del pastel
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