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American English: /əˈɡɛnst/
British English: /əˈɡɛnst/
, /əˈɡeɪnst/

Translation of against in Spanish:


against often appears as the second element of certain verb structures in English ( come up against, guard against, turn against, etc). For translations, see the relevant verb entry ( come, guard, turn, etc).
  • 1 (in opposition to) we voted against the motion
    votamos en contra de or contra la moción
    she set my own son against me
    puso a mi propio hijo contra mí or en contra mía
    I'm against capital punishment
    estoy en contra de la pena de muerte
    if you're not with us, you're against us
    si no estás con nosotros, estás contra nosotros or en contra nuestra or en contra de nosotros
    two against one personally, I've nothing against her have you got something against going by train?
    ¿tienes algún problema en ir en tren?
    he succeeded against all expectations it's against my principles to eat meat
    comer carne va en contra de mis principios
    I advised her against driving to work
    le aconsejé que no fuera al trabajo en coche
    her politics are against her
    su postura política no la favorece
    Example sentences
    • It is vital in the fight against crime that the public is able to trust law enforcement officials.
    • He has fought against it in government, in opposition and within his own party.
    • In opposition, we were against the privatisation of air traffic control, then did the opposite in power.
  • 2 (in opposite direction) to swim against the current
    Example sentences
    • A curtain has been fixed at the eastern end of the shelter as a protection against the driving wind and rain.
    • Vines are trained on low bushes as protection against the strong winds.
    • He had a brown suede jacket with light brown denim pants, his collar was turned up against the wind.
  • 3 3.1 (alongside) the table stood against the wall
    la mesa estaba contra la pared
    they checked the list against the original
    cotejaron la lista con el original
    he put a cross against my name
    puso una cruz al lado de mi nombre
    Example sentences
    • This is done by cutting off all fruited canes at the base and untangling new growth and tying it to supports against the wall or fence.
    • After one last, warning crush, he let go, my frame slumping against the wall for support.
    • She put out a hand against the wall for support, and took several soothing breaths.
    3.2 (on, onto) to lean against something
    apoyarse contra algo
    to bang one's head against the wall
  • 4 4.1 (in contrast to) it stands out against the dark background
    resalta contra el fondo oscuro
    Example sentences
    • Behind us, a small silhouette against a light grey sky was the castle.
    • Mai appeared at the door, silhouetted against the brighter light from the other room.
    • All but one of the boilers remained in position, silhouetted against the green water and ambient light.
    4.2 (in comparison to, in relation to) our results look poor against theirs
    nuestros resultados desmerecen al lado de los suyos or comparados con los suyos
    the pound dropped to a new low against the dollar
    la libra registró un nuevo mínimo frente al dólar
    Example sentences
    • The benefits of overthrow must of course be weighed against the horrific costs of war.
    • Vaccinations are expensive and costs must be weighed up against the risks involved.
    • Businesses say the advantages of trading with Europe have to be weighed against the increased cost of red tape.
  • 5 (as protection from) it's insured against theft
    está asegurado contra robo
    it's no good against the cold
    no protege contra el frío
  • 6 6.1 (in return for) [formal]it can only be issued against payment in full
    solo puede expedirse si se abona en su totalidad
    Example sentences
    • Invoice financing is similar to factoring, where banks lend against sales and money owed by debtors.
    • Landlords can offset the interest they pay on their mortgage against rental income to reduce the amount of tax they pay.
    • This has resulted in massive volume growth in lending against rising asset values.
    6.2 (in anticipation of) [literary]
    en previsión de
    Example sentences
    • Claire gritted her teeth against the pain, a high, keen sound escaping her lips.
    • Uranium was used to shield tanks against attack by conventional armour-piercing weapons.
    • It is, for the time being, a great insurance against any terrorist attack.


  • there were 250 votes for and 300 against
    hubo 250 votos a favor y 300 en contra
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