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American English: /əˈpɪr/
British English: /əˈpɪə/

Translation of appear in Spanish:

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (come into view, present oneself) he never appears until the meal is on the table
    nunca aparece or se presenta hasta que la comida está servida
    he hasn't appeared in public for the last year
    desde hace un año no aparece en público
    he suddenly appeared from behind the door
    de pronto salió de detrás de la puerta
    Example sentences
    • The supervisors or any other voter would never notice this fraud since no visible sign would appear.
    • From time to time as a gap in the trees appears I catch sight of this glistening stretch of cobalt blue water below.
    • Around one corner, a hundred goats suddenly appeared, in no apparent hurry to let us by.
    Example sentences
    • They wait over 21 years for one to arrive and two appear in the same season.
    • A few minutes after Steph and Lewis arrived, Josh appeared at the downstairs door.
    • He appears on the scene of action ready for battle on the appointed day, and there he meets others like himself, brought up by the same summons.
    to appear to somebody
    aparecérsele a alguien
    the Virgin had appeared to them
    se les había aparecido la Virgen
    1.3 (become apparent) cracks started to appear on the walls
    empezaron a aparecer or a salir grietas en las paredes
    1.4 (be found, seen)
  • 2 (seem) the questions didn't appear difficult
    las preguntas no parecían difíciles
    that's how he appears to a lot of people
    esa es la impresión que le da a mucha gente
    it appears as though or as if we're expected
    parece que nos esperan
    we're expected to win, it appears
    según parece, se espera que ganemos
    they've arrived — so it appears or so it would appear
    han llegado — eso parece
    so she's not leaving — it appears not or it would appear not
    así que no se va — parecería que no
    to appear to + infinitive
    parecer + infinitive
    she appeared to be busy
    parecía (estar) ocupada
    he appeared to have understood
    pareció haber entendido
    dio la impresión de que había entendido
    everyone appears to be here
    parece que ya está aquí todo el mundo
    we appear to be lost
    parece que nos hemos perdido
    this would appear to be what happened
    parecería que esto fue lo que pasó
    there appears to be some misunderstanding
    parecería que hay un malentendido
    what appears to be the trouble?
    ¿cuál es el problema?
    it appears thatit appears that she was the only one not to know
    parece ser que era la única que no lo sabía
    it appears from the report that …
    del informe se desprende que …
    it now appears that he was lying
    ahora resulta que estaba mintiendo
    it appears to me that we're wasting our time
    tengo la impresión de que or me parece que estamos perdiendo el tiempo
    that's how it appeared to her
    eso fue lo que le pareció a ella
    esa fue la impresión que le dio a ella
    Example sentences
    • My own impression is that it appears as from another planet and does nothing to put the heart or soul back in the centre of Bradford.
    • It appears unlikely at this stage and it is difficult to imagine him wanting to inhabit the rather obsessive world that managers must live in.
    • It appears unlikely that the referees will have enough support to force the meeting which will mean a continuation of the dispute.
  • 3 (be published) to appear in print
    Example sentences
    • This is the case with variables 2 and 4, whose scatter diagram appears in Figure 11.9.
    • Likewise, the cross that appears in a figure's hand is out of his own hand.
    • In fact, this particular phrase appears in other parts of both documents.
  • 4 (on television)
    he has appeared on television many times
    ha salido muchas veces en or por televisión
    ha aparecido muchas veces en televisión
    she's currently appearing on Broadway
    actualmente está actuando en Broadway
    she appeared as Cinderella
    hizo el papel de Cenicienta
    Example sentences
    • She added that she would be consulting a solicitor about possible legal action if it were found that she had appeared on film.
    • Other members of the public appear throughout the film, in walkthrough roles in pubs, buses and streets.
    • They appeared on a microbudget Granada show, filmed in their own homes.
  • 5 (Law) 5.1
    to appear before a magistrate
    comparecer ante un juez
    she's appearing on a charge of murder
    comparece acusada de asesinato
    Example sentences
    • I appeared in Worthing Magistrates court when Jack was given unconditional bail and told these facts to the court and the magistrate.
    • He'd never appeared in the Supreme Court and he came into this case very, very late.
    • Although the matter has been called today, she has not appeared in the Court.
    to appear for the prosecution/defense
    comparecer por la acusación/la defensa
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