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Pronunciation: /əˈpɔɪntmənt/


  • 1 countable/numerable (arrangement to meet) cita (feminine); (with doctor, hairdresser) hora (feminine), cita (feminine) I have to make an appointment with my lawyer tengo que concertar una cita con mi abogado I phoned the hairdresser's/doctor's to make an appointment llamé a la peluquería/al médico para pedir hora or una cita do you have an appointment? ¿tiene cita/hora? I've got an appointment at the hairdresser's at two tengo hora or una cita a las dos en la peluquería he failed to keep the appointment no acudió or no se presentó a la cita I can't go, I've got an appointment no puedo ir, tengo una cita or un compromiso I have a dinner appointment tengo (que asistir a) una cena viewing by appointment only concertar cita para visitar we met by appointment at a cafe nos dimos cita or nos citamos en un café
    More example sentences
    • We were building a house in Isleworth, and I had made an appointment to meet a friend of ours on the site.
    • We felt she was a genuine caller and an officer made an appointment to meet her; the lady did not turn up.
    • Parents may feel free to contact Mary at the school and arrange for an appointment to meet her.
  • 2 2.1 u and c (act of appointing) nombramiento (masculine) his appointment to the post was expected se esperaba su nombramiento or designación para el cargo they sent her a letter of appointment le mandaron el nombramiento by appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (in UK) proveedores de SM la reina Isabel II 2.2 countable/numerable (post) [formal] puesto (masculine) appointments in publishing, publishing appointments ofertas (feminine plural) de empleo en el campo editorial the post is a Presidential appointment el titular del cargo es nombrado por el presidente she was a surprise appointment fue un nombramiento inesperado (before noun/delante del nombre) appointments bureau o agency (British English/inglés británico) agencia (feminine) de empleo
    More example sentences
    • The vast majority of the advisers are not civil servants, but political appointments hand-picked by ministers.
    • Published papers are also distributed to selected appointments, so your work has a good chance of reaching the right eyes.
    • The news comes in the wake of a national survey that found that one in five new secondary school appointments are rated as unsatisfactory by headteachers.
    More example sentences
    • The decor is unmistakably high class with the fixtures, fittings and appointments setting a relaxed yet cultured atmosphere.
    • In her update of Olympia, entitled Tribeca, an older, clothed woman and a naked young man of Asian descent sit in a loft space furnished with modern appointments.
    • The table appointments are also of very high quality, with the black and silver chopsticks being exceptional.
    More example sentences
    • And he then made a series of more or less statesmanlike appointments to senior positions.
    • This was his first visit to Bulgaria after his recent appointment to the position.
    • Moreover, when his appointments to the key positions of Secretary of State, National Security Adviser and Defence Secretary are examined, a clearer picture emerges.

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