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Pronunciation: /ˈeriə; ˈeəriə/


  • 1 1.1 (geographical) zona (f), área (f‡), región (f) in the New York area en la zona or el área de Nueva York 1.2 (urban) zona (feminine) the area around the docks la zona del puerto the area we live in el barrio en el que vivimos, la zona donde vivimos there have been several burglaries in the area ha habido varios robos en la zona or la vecindad the houses in the immediate area of the factory las casas situadas en las inmediaciones or los alrededores de la fábrica
  • 2 (part of room, building, plot) zona (feminine) play area zona (feminine) de recreo reception area recepción (feminine) the library is a no-smoking area en la biblioteca no se puede fumar
    More example sentences
    • Outside, the front garden features a large lawn, a tiled patio area and space to park a fleet of cars.
    • It would also include a new corridor, an extended reception area and improved office space.
    • The interconnecting breakfast area has plenty of space for a family-sized table.
  • 3 (expanse, patch) the shaded area represents … el área sombreada representa … areas of cloud across the South-West nubosidad sobre el sudoeste there are few open areas left in the city quedan pocos espacios abiertos en la ciudad apply the ointment to the affected areas aplicar el ungüento a las partes afectadas the wreckage of the plane was scattered over a wide area los restos del avión siniestrado quedaron esparcidos sobre una extensa zona
  • 4 [Mathematics/Matemáticas] superficie (f), área (f‡); (of room, land) superficie (f) 12 square meters in area 12 metros cuadrados de superficie
    More example sentences
    • The green is four feet square in area, and cut on the side of a 75-degree slope.
    • By the time the job was done, the bedroom had decreased in area by four square metres.
    • The two areas had a varied degree of protection against poaching despite being of a similar size in area.
  • 5 (field, sphere) terreno (m); (of knowledge) campo (m), terreno (m) area of competence área or terreno de competencia it's an area of difficulty/controversy es un terreno difícil/polémico an area of concern un tema que preocupa to identify problem areas identificar* problemas
    More example sentences
    • Macquarie held the view that rural areas should have towns constructed as service centres and places of government.
    • Up to 100,000 people move from towns into rural areas a year, said the minister.
    • Thirty-seven percent of those travelers were heading to small towns or rural areas.
    More example sentences
    • General repairs and maintenance - outside these three key areas - are not subject to the new laws.
    • They share this preoccupation with other disciplines and interdisciplinary subject areas in the humanities.
    • States are rational or instrumental actors, always seeking to maximize their interests in all issue areas.
  • 6 [Sport/Deporte]
    (penalty area)
    área (feminine (with masculine article in the singular)) (de castigo)
    More example sentences
    • Ronaldo rushes into the area and draws a decent save from Mirzapour with his left foot.
    • Milton teased him with a clever low free-kick from outside the area that swished past the wall and out of reach at the near post.
    • Riggott tripped Alan Mahon on the left side of the area and Dunn sent Oakes the wrong way from the penalty spot.

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