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American English: /əˈtɛn(t)ʃ(ə)n/
British English: /əˈtɛnʃ(ə)n/

Translation of attention in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable 1.1 (concentration) (could I have your) attention, please! to hold somebody's attention
    mantener la atención de alguien
    to pay attention to something/somebody
    prestarle atención a algo/alguien
    he doesn't pay attention
    no presta atención
    no atiende
    they have turned their attention to the European market
    han pasado a concentrar su atención en el mercado europeo
    Example sentences
    • Not that such considerations made any difference when we turned our attention to the menu.
    • Rafael glanced at her for a second then turned his attention to the road again.
    • She merely dropped her smile, opened her folder and turned her attention to her schedule.
    1.2 uncountable (notice) to attract attention to attract somebody's attention
    atraer la atención de alguien
    children do that to get or attract attention
    los niños hacen eso para que se les haga caso or para que se les preste atención
    see if you can catch his attention
    a ver si logras atraer su atención
    you always have to be the center of attention!
    ¡siempre tienes que ser el centro de atención!
    don't pay any attention to her, she's only teasing
    no le hagas caso, te está tomando el pelo
    to bring or call something to somebody's attention
    informar a alguien de algo
    it has been brought to my attention or it has come to my attention that …
    me han informado or me he enterado de que …
    I'd like to draw attention to the fact that …
    quisiera hacerles notar que …
    I didn't want to draw attention to myself
    no quería llamar la atención
    this incident has drawn attention away from the central issue
    este incidente ha apartado or desviado la atención de la cuestión central
    Example sentences
    • He drew attention to three important interrelated factors which he regarded as peculiar to arbitration agreements.
    • Is that the only passage in which the trial judge drew attention to his interest in the outcome of the proceedings?
    • He also drew attention to the problem of the unacceptable level of absenteeism at the company's Carlow plant.
    1.3 uncountable (care) he needs to show greater attention to detail
    tiene que ser más minucioso
    the problem will receive our prompt attention
    el problema recibirá nuestra inmediata atención
    the engine needs attention
    el motor necesita algunos ajustes or arreglos
    the paint work needs some attention
    hay que retocar la pintura
    for the attention of the Sales Department
    a la atención del departamento de ventas
    Example sentences
    • We help patients decide if a problem requires medical attention or even hospital care.
    • Anyone with a medical problem will then be provided with a referral for appropriate medical care and attention.
    • These patients require the same attention and care as those who meet all the criteria.
  • 2
    also: attentions plural
    (of admirer)
    atenciones (feminine plural)
    Example sentences
    • Obviously he was flattered at the attentions of such a young and attractive woman.
    • It felt good to be out and about and she wouldn't deny that she was flattered by Ollie's attentions.
    • Flattered by the attentions of the young lord, Antonello admits him to his studio.
  • 3 uncountable (Military)to come or stand to attention
    ponerse en posición de firme(s)
    to stand at attention
    estar firme(s)
    Example sentences
    • Their eyes slowly roved over the group of soldiers standing at attention beyond the podium.
    • When we arrived a soldier stood at attention and bowed when the prince entered.
    • Two suits of armour stood to attention at the foot of a wide oak staircase.


  • ¡atención!
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