Translation of bare in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ber; beə(r)/

adjective/adjetivo (barer /ˈberər; ˈbeərə(r)/, barest /ˈberəst; ˈbeərɪst/)

  • 1 1.1 (uncovered) [blade/body/flesh/shoulder] desnudo; [head] descubierto; [foot] descalzo; [floorboards] sin alfombrar; [tree/branches/fields] pelado, desnudo; [wire] pelado or (Spain/España) desnudo bare from the waist up desnudo hasta la cintura, con el torso desnudo to lay sth bare poner* or dejar algo al descubierto a landscape bare of vegetation un paisaje desprovisto de vegetación
    More example sentences
    • They shared a white sheet covering their bare body from the waist down.
    • ‘I need a cup of coffee, and badly,’ he decided as he got out of bed and threw a robe on, covering his bare body.
    • Fabyein's broad back was turned to her; his sun-darkened body was bare beneath the covers.
    1.2 [walls] desnudo; [room] con pocos muebles bare of ornament sin adorno
    More example sentences
    • How the trees looked so naked and bare with no coverings.
    • I love to watch plants grow, covering fences and bare earth.
    • Roofs seemed to jig unevenly as shingles drooped off of the edges, while many had bare spots with no covering at all.
    More example sentences
    • She opened the light green fridge, an odd colour but it was just regular by Val's standards, and rummaged through the bare contents.
    • He was in a plain, bare cell with bars and the whole bit.
    • Children told me of having their rooms stripped bare and the contents thrown into the corridor.
  • 2 (before noun/delante del nombre) 2.1 (without details) [statement] escueto he gave me just the bare facts se ciñó estrictamente a los hechos 2.2 (mere) the bare essentials/necessities lo estrictamente esencial/necesario they have the barest majority tienen una mayoría muy escasa they earn the bare(st) minimum ganan lo justo para vivir the incident was given a bare two paragraphs el incidente apenas si mereció dos párrafos
    More example sentences
    • For all that, the staging will be simple, a bare set putting the focus on the performers' physical presence.
    • In general he eschewed complicated effects of pulsating or flashing lights, preferring a bare and simple presentation that brought him within the orbit of Minimal art.
    • Nicole told Tommy that she liked the simple, bare hotel room.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • desnudar to bare one's head quitarse el sombrero, descubrirse* the dog bared its teeth el perro enseñó or mostró los dientes she bared her soul to me me abrió su corazón

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