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base 1

American English: /beɪs/
British English: /beɪs/


  • 1 1.1
    (of mountain, tree) pie (masculine)
    (of spine, skull) base (feminine)
    (of geometric figure) base (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • Resting at the thick base of the old tree sat a beautifully etched envelope.
    • Her other arm held a shield by her side, the base rested on the floor but she was not leaning on it.
    • Because the base of the stone barely touches the base upon which it rests, it appears that it could easily fall over when the sea wind blows.
    Example sentences
    • Axial loading from earthquakes is minimized by seismic dampers under the column bases.
    • Column bases, doorsteps, baseboards, and beams - even the interior roof tiles and gutters - all are decorated.
    • To prevent vandalism and damage, the bases of columns are clad in stainless steel.
    Example sentences
    • The two points of intersection of the latter with the sides of the triangle lie on a line parallel to the base.
    • If the height of a rectangle is 7 1/6 mm and the perimeter is 27 2/15 mm, what is the length of the base of the rectangle?
    • The length of the base of the rhombus is the length of one of its sides, here shown with 'b'.
    (of lamp) pie (masculine)
  • 2 (foundation, basis)
    Example sentences
    • That which was, is the foundation for what is now, which becomes the base for what is to come.
    • It started with the Native Americans who set the base for all the development.
    • It also provides a new base for vital research and study of the disease carried out by the University of Sheffield.
  • 3 3.1 (of patrol, for excursion) to return to base
    volver a la base
    3.2base (camp) (for expedition) 3.3 (of organization)
    Example sentences
    • Living on a Marine base on the edge of restive Ramadi is a shock to a civilian's senses.
    • Analysts have criticised Karzai for clumsy attempts to impose his will by sending in appointees to try to implement disarmament without necessary support bases, or central backup.
    • He stressed the successes not just of the aircrew but of the hundreds of Combat Support Group personnel supporting combatant forces at bases within and outside Australia.
  • 5 (medium) paint with a water base
    pintura (feminine) al agua
  • 6 (Chemistry)
    Example sentences
    • Nitric acid reacted with a base will give the nitrate of the salt and water.
    • Neutralization is a chemical reaction in which a base reacts with an acid to create water and a salt.
    • They found that these nonaqueous-superacid solutions reacted with weak bases which did not react with either sulfuric or perchloric acid in water.
  • 7 (Mathematics)
    Example sentences
    • Some historians believe that the Babylonian base 60 place-value system was transmitted to the Indians via the Greeks.
    • The Egyptians had a bases 10 system of hieroglyphs for numerals.
    • There is no logical reason why we cannot use any integer bigger than zero for a base.
    Example sentences
    • In that year Briggs gave a numerical approximation to the base 10 logarithm of e but did not mention e itself in his work.
    • Choosing different numbers gives logarithms to different bases.
    • Taking logarithms to the base, we are looking for a solution.
  • 8 (of word) (Linguistics)
    Example sentences
    • The children had to say the base of a suffixed word pronounced by the experimenter.
    • According to Crystal, a prefixation is “an affix is placed before the base of the word” (1997, p. 90).
    • The Greek Xu-w, which etymologists justly connect with our loose, loosen, may possibly be the base of the word.
    Example sentences
    • So if you want to conjugate a regular - er verb, simply remove the - er ending from the infinitive and place the base of the verb in front of the endings.
    • Determine the ending of the verb that goes with that pronoun and add it to the base of the verb you want to use in the sentence.
    • The verb base is what you look up in the dictionary when you want to know how to say something.
  • 9 (in baseball) to be off base (US)
    (wrong) estar equivocado
    (lit: in baseball) estar fuera de (la) base
    to catch somebody off base (US)
    (by surprise) pillar or (Latin America) agarrar a alguien desprevenido
    (lit: in baseball) pillar or (Latin America) agarrar a alguien fuera de (la) base
    to touch baseI called them, just to touch base
    los llamé, para mantener el contacto
    her speech touched every base (US)
    en su discurso tocó todos los puntos de interés
    to reach/get to first base in something (US) [colloquial]
    cogerle el tranquillo a algo (Spain) [colloquial]
    to reach/get to first base with somebody (US) [colloquial]
    agarrar confianza con alguien (Latin America) [colloquial]
    coger confianza con alguien (Spain)
    Example sentences
    • Four different times I switched over to see the bases loaded, scoring I believe a total of one run.
    • He first arranged four of these in a diamond-shaped pattern to represent the bases and home plate.
    • There's no reason he shouldn't hit 30 home runs and steal 30 bases if he stays healthy.

transitive verb

  • 1 (found)to base something on or upon something
    basar or fundamentar algo en algo
    the movie is based on a real event
    la película se basa or está basada en una historia real
    Example sentences
    • This defines the foundation our society is based on: equal rights, freedom and peace.
    • Miramax has hired playwright Warren Leight to come up with a script, but Roddy Doyle - who wrote the novel the original film was based on - will not be getting involved.
    • Although he based his films on Kannada novels, the novelists complained that their stories had been altered.
  • 2 (locate) he's based in Madrid
    tiene su base en Madrid
    where are you based now?
    ¿dónde estás ( or vives etc. ) ahora?
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There are 2 entries that translate base into Spanish:

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base 2

adjective baser, basest

  • (unworthy)
    Example sentences
    • And it is one way to shine moral clarity on a subject that too often inspires only base moral equivalence.
    • My base instinct was to go round the dressing room and clip a few, but unfortunately those days were well gone.
    • By appealing to the base instincts of race and religion the President and his able cohorts are naturally inducing one crisis after the other.
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