Translation of begin in Spanish:


(present participle/participio presente beginning past tense of/pasado de, began past participle of/participio pasado de, begun)
Pronunciation: /bɪˈgɪn/

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • [meeting/journey/campaign] empezar*, comenzar*, iniciar [formal] he begins the day with some exercises empieza or comienza el día con un poco de gimnasia how does one begin a letter of condolence? ¿cómo se empieza una carta de pésame? to begin work on sth empezar* or comenzar* a trabajar en algo my early life was hard, he began —los primeros años de mi vida fueron duros —comenzó or empezó diciendo to begin -ing/to + infinitive/infinitivo empezar* or comenzar* a + infinitive/infinitivo it's beginning to rain está empezando a llover he began talking o to talk about his work empezó a hablar sobre su trabajo I'd begun to think you weren't coming ya estaba empezando a pensar que no vendrías the two novels don't begin to compare no hay ni punto de comparación entre las dos novelas I can't begin to thank you no sé cómo agradecerte that won't even begin to cover the cost eso no alcanza ni remotamente para cubrir los gastos

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1.1 (start) [year/meeting] empezar*, comenzar*, iniciarse [formal] I don't know where to begin no sé por dónde empezar or comenzar the author begins by making his own position clear el autor empieza por aclarar cuál es su posición we began with very modest means empezamos con medios muy modestos to begin with para empezar they'll do to begin with estarán bien para empezar to begin with, he got the figures wrong para empezar or en primer lugar, se equivocó con las cifras let's begin at the beginning empecemos por el principio 1.2 (originate) [river] nacer*; [custom] originarse, empezar* ever since the world began desde que el mundo es mundo
    More example sentences
    • Back in Oxford, he sat on the City Council, and began his lifelong activity of prison visiting.
    • He was inspired to begin work on a book about it from an African point of view.
    • Diversification of the group's activities had also begun by then.
    More example sentences
    • Whether by accident or design, McKinven could be about to find that life begins at 40-or at least begins again.
    • What began as an industrial campaign turned into a campaign for land rights.
    • Their marker is brought back to the starting point and they begin once again.

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