There are 2 translations of bet in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /bet/


  • 1.1 (wager) apuesta (feminine) to win/lose a bet ganar/perder* una apuesta I had o made a bet with Charlie that Brazil would win le aposté a Charlie que ganaría Brasil place your bets, please hagan sus apuestas, señores to take bets [bookmaker] aceptar apuestas
    More example sentences
    • A quinella is a bet on the first two horses; it is not, as some people believe, a Mexican cheese pie.
    • Seven years ago I wouldn't have wagered a bet on him still playing rugby at the age of 30.
    • For once-a-year punters who do not want to go to a betting shop, placing a bet on the world's most famous steeplechase can be done from the comfort of an armchair these days.
    1.2 (option) Bad Boy is a good bet for the Derby Bad Boy es una apuesta segura or un fijo or (Southern Cone, Venezuela/Cono Sur, Venezuela) una fija para el Derby Brown is the best bet to win the election Brown es quien más probabilidades tiene de ganar las elecciones your best bet is to stay here lo mejor que puedes hacer es quedarte aquí your safest bet would be to invest in government bonds lo menos arriesgado sería invertir en bonos del estado she's a bad bet in my opinion opino que no es la más indicada it's a pretty good o fair bet that someone here speaks English es casi seguro que aquí alguien habla inglés my bet is that she wins apuesto (a) que gana ella to hedge one's bets cubrirse*

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There are 2 translations of bet in Spanish:


vt (present participle/participio presente betting past tense & past participle/pasado y participio pasado, bet)

  • 1.1 (gamble) [money] apostar* David bet him £5 the Liberals would win David le apostó cinco libras (a) que ganaban los liberales he bet his whole salary on a horse le apostó or le jugó todo el sueldo a un caballo
    More example sentences
    • The losing trialist also scored a hefty reward, from betting on himself to win his heat and se mi-final as well as from the money he was allowed to bet on the race winner at long odds.
    • The Racing Act was amended to provide for cross-species wagering - betting on greyhound races at horse tracks and vice versa.
    • Prosecutors said he also ran an illegal gambling operation that bet on professional baseball games.
    1.2 (be sure) jugarse*, apostar* I bet he doesn't even remember my name apuesto (a) que ni se acuerda de mi nombre I had a hard time persuading him — I'll bet you did! me costó mucho convencerlo — ¡me lo puedo imaginar! I can do it! — (I) bet (you) you can't! ¡a que puedo hacerlo!, —¡a que no! I bet you any money o anything you like, they're late me juego or te apuesto lo que quieras (a) que llegan tarde you can bet your boots o your life o your bottom dollar [colloquial/familiar] apuesto or me juego la cabeza or camisa [colloquial/familiar] am I angry? you bet your (sweet) life I'm angry! ¿que si estoy enojada? ¡por supuesto or ya lo creo que lo estoy!
    More example sentences
    • I bet that idea would make a lot of property developers very happy, from their luxury homes in Port Douglas…
    • I bet that Belgian's going to get into trouble with the Mini Owner's Association…
    • You have to love that last line. I bet that defense goes over REAL big at their war crime trials.

vi (present participle/participio presente betting past tense & past participle/pasado y participio pasado, bet)

  • 1.1 (gamble) jugar* I'm not a betting man, but … yo no soy jugador, pero … to bet on sth/sb apostarle* a algo/algn I'm betting on it to win le voy a apostar a ganador 1.2 (be sure) I wouldn't bet on it yo no estaría tan seguro, yo no me fiaría (do you) want to bet? [colloquial/familiar] ¿qué or cuánto (te) apuestas?, ¿quieres apostar? will you be there? — you bet! [colloquial/familiar] ¿irás? — ¡por supuesto! I bet! [colloquial, ironic/familiar, irónico] sí, seguro [ironic/irónico], sí, ya [ironic/irónico]

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