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American English: /ˈbɛdər/
British English: /ˈbɛtə/

Translation of better in Spanish:


  • 1comp of → good 1.1
    his tennis is better now
    ahora juega mejor al tenis
    he's better at playing the guitar than at singing
    toca la guitarra mejor de lo que canta
    fruit's much better for you than candy
    la fruta es mucho más sana que los caramelos
    I've got an even better idea
    tengo una idea aún mejor
    things couldn't be better
    todo va de maravilla
    I'll just take these shoes off … ah, that's better
    me voy a quitar los zapatos … ¡uf … qué alivio!
    what do you think of the wine? — I've tasted better
    ¿qué te parece el vino? — los he probado mejores
    to get better her playing gets better and better
    cada vez toca mejor
    the bigger/quicker the better
    cuanto más grande/rápido mejor
    the less said about it the better
    cuanto menos se hable del tema mejor
    the garden looks all the better for the rain
    la lluvia le ha venido bien al jardín
    if they can both come, so much the better
    si pueden venir los dos, mucho or tanto mejor
    I feel none the better for knowing that she has failed as well
    no es ningún consuelo saber que ella tampoco lo ha logrado
    she's little better than a thief
    es poco menos que una ladrona
    she's no better than a thief
    es una ladrona, ni más ni menos
    have you got nothing better to do than … ?
    ¿no tienes nada mejor que hacer que … ?
    he's moved on to better things since then
    desde entonces se ha superado mucho
    to be better than one's word
    cumplir con creces lo prometido
    to go one betterI can go one better: I'll give you interest-free credit
    yo puedo hacerle una oferta aún mejor: le doy crédito sin interés
    not content with that, she decided to go one better
    no satisfecha con eso, decidió ir aún más lejos
    he always has to go one better than everyone else
    siempre tiene que ser más que nadie
    Example sentences
    • The high street is getting better at delivering good, fashionable styles and is great for an instant trend hit.
    • Get someone else to do it preferably someone who is better at it than you are.
    • Now does that mean we all can't be a little better at what we do or be a little more responsible?
    Example sentences
    • My message is that hostility can be turned to our advantage if we're better, smarter, wiser at the end of the season.
    • Both the winner and the runner-up will be seen to better advantage over a longer trip.
    • The runner up came from a long way back and should be seen to better advantage over an extended trip.
    1.2 (more suitable, desirable)
    it would be better to go by plane
    sería mucho mejor ir en avión
    the matter is better forgotten
    lo mejor será olvidar el asunto
  • 2 (predicative) (recovered from illness) to be better
    estar mejor
    I'm better again
    ya estoy mejor
    it took him months to get better
    tardó meses en mejorarse or recuperarse
    I am/feel much better than I was
    estoy/me siento mucho mejor (que antes)


  • 1comp of → well1 she swims better than I do or than me
    nada mejor que yo
    we get on better than we used to
    nos llevamos mejor que antes
    you can have it for five dollars: I can't do better than that, can I?
    te lo dejo en cinco libras; más no me puedes pedir ¿no?
    I can see better from here
    desde aquí veo mejor
    we'd've done better to wait
    hubiera sido mejor esperar
    they did better out of the deal than they admit
    salieron mejor parados con el acuerdo de lo que pretenden
    no one was better liked than he was
    nadie era tan querido como él
    he thinks he knows better
    (se) cree que sabe más
    at the last moment he thought better of it and …
    a último momento cambió de idea or lo pensó mejor y …
    Example sentences
    • Won't all of it be money that could be better spent fixing schools and hospitals instead?
    • They say the money and time would be better spent trying to change sexual behaviour.
    • Young believes profits are better spent finding and targeting new niches.
  • 2had better (ought)hadn't you better phone them?
    ¿no deberías llamarlos?
    I'd better leave before it gets dark
    va a ser mejor que me vaya antes de que oscurezca
    well, I'd better be off you'd better do exactly as I say
    más te vale hacer exactamente lo que yo te diga
    you'd better not complain!
    ¡más te vale no quejarte!
    you'd better believe it! [colloquial]
    sí señor
  • 3 (more) (US) it cost me better than $100 to repair
    me costó más de 100 dólares arreglarlo
    Example sentences
    • Cue Andrew, whose style of bowling suited the conditions far better.
    • As the rain fell Carrickmore seemingly were able to cope with the adverse conditions better.
    • Hopefully, the world will be better able to live with itself in peace.


  • 1 1.1 (superior of two) the better
    el mejor
    he is the better of the two brothers at swimming
    de los dos hermanos es el que mejor nada
    for the better
    para bien
    para mejor
    he's changed — and for the better!
    ha cambiado — ¡y para bien!
    things took a turn for the better
    las cosas dieron un giro positivo
    to get the better of somebody/something
    ganarle la batalla a alguien/algo
    my curiosity got the better of me
    la curiosidad fue más fuerte que yo or pudo más que yo
    Example sentences
    • The world has been actively and consciously changed for the better in the past.
    • Education brings about dialogue and hence the society could be changed for the better.
    • I have high hopes that he will be able to change the way we look at sports, for the better.
    also: betters plural
    superiores (masculine plural)
    his elders and betters
    sus mayores
    Example sentences
    • They are respected members of the community and for his family to see him ignoring and jeering his elders and betters is very disappointing.
    • It is important to keep a sense of proportion about these things and, it seems to me, there are times when our elders and betters lose the run of themselves.
    • Even the Parrot aimed to inculcate the habits of godliness and good behaviour, consideration for others, respect for ones elders and betters.

transitive verb

  • 1
    (improve) (conditions/lot)
    to better oneself
    (financially) prosperar
    (culturally, educationally) superarse
    Example sentences
    • When workers do make meaningful advances against their local employers by modestly improving their wages or bettering their working conditions, the subcontracts are not as lucrative for the local elites.
    • Exploiting the public is not leading it; satisfying its passions or sanctioning its ideas is not bettering them; and we understand… the heart of the people and their ideas.
    • Eckstein worked all offseason to improve his range by bettering his footwork and getting good jumps on the ball.
  • 2 (surpass)
    Example sentences
    • The 22-year-old then bettered her three previous performances at the French Open by beating the 10th seed en-route to the third round.
    • The apparent ease at which he was scoring suggested he would have gone beyond the 300 barrier, but he was content with bettering his previous test-best score by exactly 100.
    • He was unlucky not to receive an Oscar nomination for his touching and subtle performance, which betters any of his previous work.
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