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American English: /baɪt/
British English: /bʌɪt/

Translation of bite in Spanish:

transitive verb past tense bit past participle bitten

  • 1
    she/I won't bite you! [humorous]
    ¡no te va/voy a morder! [humorous]
    to bite one's nails
    comerse or morderse las uñas
    the dog bit his finger off
    el perro le arrancó el dedo de un mordisco or de un tarascón or de una tarascada
    what's biting you? [colloquial]
    ¿qué mosca te ha picado? [colloquial]
    to bite off more than one can chew
    tratar de abarcar más de lo que se puede
    you shouldn't bite off more than you can chew
    mira que quien mucho abarca, poco aprieta
    once bitten, twice shy
    Example sentences
    • A British woman whose arm was bitten off by a lion when she reached through the bars of an enclosure at an animal sanctuary in Spain was last night recovering from emergency surgery.
    • You can see from another photo the tail missing from one of the seatrout, due to it being bitten off by a seal or a small whale.
    • As she lay unconscious, part of her nose, her mouth and chin were bitten off by her Labrador-cross dog, Tania.
    Example sentences
    • One officer suffered minor injuries after being bitten on the hand.
    • It is very important to check you are up to date with your tetanus jabs if your skin is broken in an injury or you are bitten.
    • William sustained serious head and body injuries and Chang was bitten on his arms.
    Example sentences
    • All over the world, people come in with wounds and think they've been bitten by a spider.
    • She tried to weed the garden but got bitten by a spider.
    • I got bitten by another spider last night while I was asleep.
  • 2 2.1 (grip)
    Example sentences
    • The technique to going quick in one of these jiggers is to leave the braking as late as possible, and enter the corner under brakes, so that the front tyres are biting.
    • Our tools bit like the teeth of shark, as net after net was left shredded at our feet.
    • He had an old, discoloured ball, just the sort that's ready to grip and bite, in his hand.
    agarrar en
    calar en

intransitive verb past tense bit past participle bitten

  • 1 1.1
    to bite into something
    darle un mordisco a algo
    hincarle el diente a algo
    the wire bit into his wrists
    el alambre se le clavó en las muñecas
    to bite on something
    morder algo
    1.2 (take bait)
    Example sentences
    • We were fishing, and all of the fish were biting on one side of the boat.
    • Organiser Ray Collins is hoping the amazing run of fine weather doesn't come to an end - even if a spot of rain would get the fish biting.
    • When the fish aren't biting, I want to listen to her tell me what makes her happy and what makes her cry.
  • 2 2.1
    2.2 (saw/screw/file)to bite (into something)
    agarrar or calar (en algo)
  • 3
    hacerse sentir
    the cutbacks are beginning to bite
    los recortes están empezando a hacerse sentir


  • 1 countable to give something a bite
    darle or pegarle un mordisco a algo
    take a bite of this
    prueba esto
    to have or get two bites at the cherry (British)
    tener una segunda oportunidad
    she's already had one bite at the job and failed
    ya lo ha intentado una vez y ha fracasado
    put the bite on somebody (US) [colloquial]
    (borrow money from somebody) darle un sablazo a alguien [colloquial]
    (blackmail somebody) chantajear a alguien
    morder a alguien (Mexico)
    coimear a alguien (Southern Cone) (Peru) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • I held one out in my hand and the donkey ate it in big bites.
    • He runs his hand through his hair before eating his piece in two bites.
    • He eats the piece voraciously in several huge bites dropping the remainder.
  • 2 countable (wound)
    (from insect) picadura (feminine)
    (from dog, snake) mordedura (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • Deep puncture wounds from animal bites become morbid if not promptly tended and closely followed.
    • Not only can rats inflict a nasty bite, they are associated with disease.
    • If the wound was caused by an animal bite, you should report it to the county public health department.
    Example sentences
    • Check your children for ticks, insect bites and allergic reactions.
    • All were covered with insect bites, were underfed, and three had malaria.
    • I woke up to discover I am covered with mosquito bites from head to toe, from sleeping with at D's house with the windows open.
  • 3 countable (in fishing) he didn't get a single bite
    no le picó ningún pez
  • 4 countable (snack) [colloquial] (no plural) to have a bite (to eat)
    comer un bocado
    comer algo
    picar algo
    Example sentences
    • When we were flying about all over the place we would always try to catch up for an hour in the day to grab a bite to eat or have a quick pint before going on to our next appointments.
    • Unlike last year, there won't be a bar so bring a packed lunch for a bite to eat and drink.
    • With only a couple hours in-between events you barely have enough time to grab a bite to eat and a quick shower before it is time to chamois-up again and hit the road.
  • 5 uncountable 5.1 (of flavor)
    lo fuerte
    Example sentences
    • The prawns were top quality with a real bite and flavour that carried through the spicy sauce.
    • The Spaniard insists on only being occasionally surprised by a piquant bite of hot pepper.
    • Sherry vinegar brightens salad dressings with a sharp bite of purple grapes.
    5.2 (of wind, frost)
    lo cortante
    lo penetrante
    Example sentences
    • Out of the sun, though, there was still a cold bite to the air.
    • Inside the park, suddenly feeling the bite of a chill wind under a slate-grey sky, the marchers stood and listened to speakers whose delivery seldom lived up to the occasion.
    • The sun is out, there's a cold bite to the air, it's fresh and, at last, the best season of the year has arrived.
    5.3 (sharpness) the play lacks bite
    la obra carece de mordacidad

Phrasal verbs

bite back

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
he bit back his words
se mordió la lengua [colloquial]
fue a decir algo pero se contuvo
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