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American English: /bleɪm/
British English: /bleɪm/

Translation of blame in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 (find responsible)
    echarle la culpa a
    don't blame me if you get into trouble
    no me eches la culpa a mí or no me culpes a mí si te metes en líos
    to blame somebody for something
    culpar a alguien de algo
    echarle la culpa de algo a alguien
    they blamed her for everything
    la culparon a ella de todo
    le echaron la culpa de todo a ella
    she blames herself for the accident
    se siente culpable del accidente
    to be to blame for something
    tener la culpa de algo
    ser responsable de algo
    they were entirely to blame for what happened
    tuvieron toda la culpa de lo que pasó
    no one's to blame
    no es culpa de nadie
    nadie tiene la culpa
    you have only yourself to blame
    tú tienes toda la culpa
    la culpa es solo tuya
    Example sentences
    • I still did not like the tone of the meeting, during which I felt like the principal was somehow blaming the situation on me.
    • He has blamed their financial situation on a national downturn in tourism and the impact of the floods.
    • People have blamed this phenomena on many things.
  • 2 (apportion responsibility for)to blame something on somebody/something
    echarle la culpa de algo a alguien/algo
    you can always blame it on the weather/me
    siempre puedes echarle la culpa al tiempo/echarme la culpa a mí
    siempre puedes achacárselo al tiempo/achacármelo a mí
    they blamed the theft on a young apprentice
    culparon del robo a un joven aprendiz
    Example sentences
    • In his court declaration, he blames his election agent for the oversight.
    • My only new reservation stems from her blaming her band for playing the wrong song.
    • This study and the other one in the magazine blaming fast food and its advertising is wrong.
  • 3 (disagree with, criticize) [colloquial]I'm not having any more to do with him — I don't blame you
    no quiero saber nada más de él — y con toda la razón
    you can't blame me for getting upset
    es normal que me molestara ¿no?


  • 1 (responsibility) the blame for what happened lies entirely with them
    la culpa de lo que pasó la tienen solo ellos
    it's always me that gets the blame
    siempre me echan la culpa a mí
    to put or lay the blame on somebody
    culpar a alguien
    echarle la culpa a alguien
    to take or bear the blame for something
    asumir la responsabilidad de algo
    we all must share the blame
    todos tenemos parte de (la) culpa
    Example sentences
    • She had made false accusations against him, made him go on the run and set him up to take the blame for her frauds.
    • Put another way, the audience itself will have to take the blame for promoting such songs.
    • She was also setting him up to take the blame for a fraud at the firm where she worked.
  • 2 (condemnation, reproach) [formal]without blame
    libre de culpa [formal]
    a life without blame
    una vida intachable or sin tacha
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