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American English: /bɔrd/
British English: /bɔːd/

Translation of board in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 countable (plank)
    also: floorboard
    as stiff as a board
    más tieso que un palo or que una tabla
    to tread the boards
    pisar las tablas
    Example sentences
    • Rusted sheet metal, asphaltic roofing, old boards, or slate tiles are other roofing alternatives.
    • The rough stucco was replaced with random-length tongue-and-groove boards to create an old-fashioned look.
    • Nail or screw down loose boards or fittings, and clean all the gaps thoroughly.
    1.2 uncountable (material) a piece of board
    una plancha (de conglomerado etc.)
    1.3 countable (for chopping etc)
    Example sentences
    • In the game, players take turns to push coins up a board with horizontal lines across it.
    • As time passed, the game evolved, with boards consisting of 10x10 and later 13x13 grids at different periods while the number of stones increased.
    • Sadly, most of the game boards have been damaged beyond recognition.
    1.4 countable
    also: circuit board
    main or mother board
  • 5 uncountable (provision of meals) board and lodging
    comida y alojamiento
  • 6 uncountable (in phrases) across the board (uniformly, without exceptions)they have promised to reduce taxation across the board
    han prometido una reducción general de impuestos
    they are demanding $120 across the board
    exigen un aumento de 120 dólares para todo el personal
    (before noun) across-the-board on board on board the ship/plane
    a bordo del barco/avión
    to go on board
    (before noun) on-board
    de a bordo
    to go by the boardall these precautions tend to go by the board
    todas estas precauciones suelen dejarse a un lado
    she allowed all her scruples to go by the board
    echó por la borda todos sus escrúpulos
    to take something on board (British)
    asumir algo
    asumir algo
    hacerse cargo de algo
    they wouldn't take him on board
    no querían aceptarlo a bordo
    see alsoaboveboard

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (go aboard) to board a ship the train was boarded by two policemen
    dos policías subieron al tren
    Example sentences
    • Finally, I was able to board the ship and find my cabin, which it appeared I was sharing with a young Polish girl, Maria.
    • He directed them to abandon ship and to board life rafts in the 25-foot seas.
    • Finally, we got on a bus and boarded the aircraft.
    1.2 (in naval battle)
  • 2 (accommodate)
    Example sentences
    • While raising her family she also used to board dogs and looked after injured animals for vets.
    • The cowboys say the Master Street stable was the last large, affordable place for them to board their horses in the city.
    • He was kept up to date with proceedings in the ring by John Clarke of the Irish National Stud, which boards the mare.

intransitive verb

  • 2 2.1 (be accommodated)to board with somebody
    alojarse or hospedarse en casa de alguien
    2.2 (at school)
    estar interno
    estar pupilo (Río de la Plata)
    Example sentences
    • Unlike Oxford rival Summer Fields, where most pupils board, at the Dragon day pupils are in the majority.
    • These students board from Sunday night to Friday, going home for the weekend.
    • At eight, Will starts boarding at Horris Hill prep school, taking piano lessons and finally becoming head chorister.

Phrasal verbs

board out

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2verb + adverb

board up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
cerrar con tablas
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