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American English: /boʊn/
British English: /bəʊn/

Translation of bone in Spanish:


  • 1 countable (Anatomy) this is too much for my poor old bones
    yo ya no estoy para estos trotes
    I can feel it in my bones
    tengo ese presentimiento
    meat on/off the bone
    carne (feminine) con/sin hueso
    the bare bones (of something)
    lo básico (de algo)
    as dry as a bone
    to be a bone of contention
    ser la manzana de la discordia
    to be close to the bone to cut something to the bonewe've cut costs to the bone
    hemos reducido los gastos a lo esencial or al mínimo
    he cut his finger to the bone
    se cortó el dedo hasta el hueso
    to have a bone to pick with somebody
    tener que ajustar cuentas con alguien
    to make no bones about somethingshe makes no bones about her sympathies/being an atheist
    no esconde or no oculta sus preferencias/que es atea
    let's make no bones about it
    no nos andemos con tapujos or con rodeos
    Example sentences
    • Direct injury to the spine may cause a bone fracture anywhere along your vertebral column.
    • Years ago we realized that if we combined all our accidents, there was hardly a bone in the human skeleton we hadn't broken.
    • Bone marrow is a spongy tissue inside certain bones of the body that produces blood cells.
  • 3 countable
    also: bones plural
    (of dead person)
    restos (masculine plural)
    huesos (masculine plural) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Sighing, he pulled his weary bones to their feet and decided coffee was the best option.
    • He lowered his aching bones to the floor after a harder day's work than he'd ever done.
    • I dragged my tired bones to the bathroom to shave.
    Example sentences
    • Just ahead, in the wider section of the pass, the dried bones and carcasses of men and pack animals lay strewn about.
    • We are still unburying the bones, the remains, of the people who got killed.
    • In centuries past, graves would be exhumed, and any bones remaining would be collected and buried deeper down, thereby allowing fresh graves on top.
  • 4 uncountable (substance)
    Example sentences
    • The material would be gradually replaced by healthy, newly grown bone and blood vessels.
    • My latest cut-down bone handled table knives have a near quadrant at the tip and cut unbelievably.
    • The spongy bone material was then used for DNA extraction.
    Example sentences
    • Mining activity has been a constant source of bone and ivory artifacts over the last several decades.
    • What's more, treasured wood was decorated with bone, jade, gold, bronze and shells adding to the value.
    • The earliest example of European poetry about a stranded whale is an Anglo-Saxon inscription on a whale bone casket of about 700 AD.

transitive verb

  • (meat)
    quitarle las espinas a
    Example sentences
    • The school's culinary dean recalls being hung from a meat hook for improperly boning veal during one of his 14-hour days as an apprentice in 1949 Germany.
    • Clean and bone the fish, leaving their heads in place.
    • Unless you are a dab-hand with the boning knife, ask the butcher to bone the chicken legs for you.

Phrasal verbs

bone up on

verb + adverb + preposition + object
ponerse al día en
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