Translation of breath in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /breθ/


  • 1 c and u (air exhaled or inhaled) aliento (masculine) with his dying breath con su último aliento to have bad breath tener* mal aliento I could smell whisky on her breath el aliento le olía a whisky to take a breath aspirar, inspirar take a deep breath and relax respire hondo y relájese her breath came with difficulty respiraba con dificultad just let me get my breath back déjame recobrar el aliento, espera a que recobre el aliento to catch one's breath in astonishment quedarse sin respiración del asombro I was so nervous it all came out in one breath estaba tan nervioso que lo dije todo de un tirón I'm short of breath me falta el aire, me ahogo he gets short of breath climbing stairs se queda sin aliento al subir escaleras he arrived very out of breath llegó jadeando or sofocado or sin aliento in the same o next breath a continuación, a renglón seguido he ought not to be mentioned in the same breath as Poe no se lo debería poner en la misma categoría que Poe I could do with a breath of fresh air no me vendría mal un poco de aire (fresco) to be a breath of fresh air (pleasant change) ser* (como) una bocanada de aire fresco to draw breath (lit: breathe) respirar (live) [literary/literario] the kindest woman that ever drew breath la mujer más bondadosa que jamás hollara la tierra [literary/literario] as long as I draw breath I will not forgive you no te perdonaré mientras viva to draw one's first breath [literary/literario] venir* al mundo [literary/literario] to draw one's last breath [literary/literario] exhalar el último suspiro [literary/literario] to hold one's breath (wait in suspense) contener* la respiración or el aliento (liter) aguantar or contener* la respiración he promised — well, don't hold your breath [colloquial/familiar] [humorous/humorístico] lo prometió — sí, pero mejor espera sentado [colloquial/familiar] [humorous/humorístico] to say sth under one's breath decir* algo entre dientes to take sb's breath away dejar a algn sin habla to waste one's breath gastar saliva (inútilmente) with bated breath con el corazón en un puño, en vilo save1 1 3 1
    More example sentences
    • This waif-like girl was sitting upright, gasping for breath with an oxygen cannula dripping blood.
    • As the oxygen mask reduced her need to gasp for breath, Mary relaxed a bit and reflected on her last, turbulent hour.
    • Gasping for breath at the top, I went into the bedroom and found that my respiration rate matched that of the patient.
  • 2 countable/numerable (slight breeze) soplo (masculine) there wasn't a breath of wind no corría ni la más leve brisa
    More example sentences
    • Yes, for an afternoon or two, a breath of wind passed through the university.
    • Then, he whispered, barely like a breath of wind, the last word that he would ever say.
    • The sun was pouring down, with hardly a breath of wind.
  • 3 countable/numerable (suggestion) a breath of suspicion una leve sospecha there was a breath of spring in the air la primavera se sentía en el aire

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