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also: carries, carrying, carried
American English: /ˈkɛri/
British English: /ˈkari/

Translation of carry in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (bear, take)
    help me carry this into the hall
    ayúdame a llevar esto a la sala
    I can't carry this, it's too heavy
    no puedo cargar con esto, pesa demasiado
    she was carrying her baby in her arms
    llevaba a su hijo en brazos
    we half carried, half dragged him toward the exit
    lo llevamos casi a rastras hacia la salida
    I've been carrying the book around for weeks
    llevo semanas con el libro a cuestas
    Example sentences
    • The two wounded demonstrators were carried by people near them to nearby houses.
    • I have a false leg now but it takes me a while to move around and carrying things is difficult.
    • Sure enough, there was a white moving van and people carrying boxes to the house.
    1.2 (have with one)
    llevar encima
    he never carries any money
    nunca lleva dinero encima
    Example sentences
    • As if that's not enough to bring the whole party down, one of the politicians also carries a terrible medical secret.
    • They are stubborn enough to carry their grudges a long time.
    • The deeply spiritual actress makes no secret of the fact that wherever she goes she carries a small, gold amulet - a gift from her Guru in Malaysia and a potent symbol of his protection.
    1.3 (be provided with) our products carry a five-year guarantee
    nuestros productos tienen una garantía de cinco años
    the symbol is carried on the firm's trucks
    los camiones tienen or llevan el símbolo de la compañía
    every pack carries the logo of the company
    todos los paquetes vienen con or traen el logotipo de la compañía
    the ships carry nuclear weapons
    los buques están equipados con or dotados de armas nucleares
    nowadays the word carries sinister overtones
    hoy en día la palabra conlleva or tiene connotaciones siniestras
    Example sentences
    • The former lord chancellor notes that the bill carries with it the worst of unintended consequences.
    • Thus, the experience of being rejected by peers carries with it a set of experiences and consequences that contribute to subsequent conduct problems.
    • The process carries with it ethical implications - for example, loss of researchers' time and impairments in the quality of data collected.
    Example sentences
    • But for any product carrying the Perry's brand name, the mix is vat pasteurized.
    • The trains, which all carry the name Thameslink Cityflier, were expected to offer a full service by today.
    • It was introduced because we identified a consumer need for a low-carbohydrate and low calorie beer that still has a taste refined enough to carry the Michelob family name.
    1.4 (be pregnant with) when I was carrying my first child
    cuando esperaba a mi primer hijo
    cuando estaba embarazada or encinta de mi primer hijo
    Example sentences
    • But first lets get an update on our baby twins who were carried by a surrogate.
    • I was carrying a bigger baby than in my previous pregnancies.
    • He is a good friend of the couple and is the father of the twins the woman is carrying by in vitro fertilization.
  • 2 2.1 (convey)
    the car can carry four people
    el coche tiene cabida para cuatro personas
    en el coche caben cuatro personas
    she was carried along by the crowd
    fue arrastrada por la multitud
    as fast as his legs would carry him
    tan rápido como pudo
    a todo lo que daba
    Example sentences
    • With its low-slung frame, the truck can be carried aboard military transport planes and deployed anywhere in the world.
    • Tragedy struck when the transport ship carrying the 33 children crashed.
    • Several lorries would be required to carry the mail which is now carried in one train.
    2.2 (channel, transmit)
    blood carries oxygen to all parts of the body
    la sangre lleva el oxígeno a todas las partes del cuerpo
    overhead cables carry 10,000 volts
    por los cables aéreos pasa una corriente de 10.000 voltios
    the wind carried her voice to him
    el viento le hizo llegar su voz
    ser portador de
    foxes carry the virus
    los zorros son portadores del virus
    Example sentences
    • The problem also has serious implications for all who use the Scottish hills, including walkers and climbers, since some ticks carry the dangerous Lyme disease.
    • Scientists say that one in every three ticks carries Lyme disease, so a decrease in tick numbers could have a significant effect on reducing the illness in humans.
    • One of every five people carry a sexually transmitted disease in the United States.
    2.4to carry conviction (voice/argument/point)
    ser convincente
    as a witness, she doesn't carry conviction
    como testigo no es convincente or no convence
    Example sentences
    • No candidate has won the popular vote without carrying Roman Catholics.
    • It is impossible to conjecture what might have happened, had the Governor-General failed to carry the electorate with him at this crisis.
    • He was doing everything right. Yet he lost, failing even to carry the voters who elected him twice as mayor.
  • 3 3.1 (support)
    Example sentences
    • It has long meant a story told in a hundred words: a structure as light and strong as a balloon that can carry its own weight a thousand times over.
    • The entire body weight is thus carried by the thumbs and the big toe, even as the bones of the rest of the body are cracking with pain.
    • For those with osteo-arthiritis, she suggests swimming and water exercises, because in the water one does not have to carry one's body weight.
    3.2 (take responsibility for)
    cargar con
    Example sentences
    • Well the newspaper must carry some responsibility here.
    • No faith can be defined by its fringes, but every faith must carry some responsibility for its extremists.
    • The Government must carry the blame for big council tax increases.
    3.3 (sustain) the lead actress carried the play
    la protagonista sacó la obra adelante
    we can't afford to carry any passengers
    no nos podemos permitir el lujo de tener gente que no produzca
    Example sentences
    • Unfortunately the mystery is not suspenseful or for that matter interesting enough to carry the plot on it's own.
    • The fans help carry the game.
    • Unfortunately none of the other characters were funny enough to carry the show.
  • 4 (involve, entail)
    traer aparejado
    crimes of this nature carry a high penalty
    este tipo de delito trae aparejada una pena grave
    this account carries 10% interest
    esta cuenta produce or da un interés del 10%
    each question carries 10 points
    cada una de las preguntas vale 10 puntos
    the measure carries the threat of job losses
    la medida encierra la amenaza de la pérdida de puestos de trabajo
  • 5 (extend, continue) if we carry this line further
    si prolongamos esta recta
    the fighting was carried over the border
    la lucha se extendió más allá de la frontera
    never carry a diet too far
    no hay que exagerar con los regímenes
    that's carrying matters too far
    eso es llevar las cosas demasiado lejos
    Example sentences
    • His most influential interpreter carried his ideas further, even to the justification of regicide.
    • Do you want this development to be carried forward in a people-friendly and environmentally sound manner?
    • The first person to really carry forward his ideas was Philippe de la Hire.
  • 6 6.1 (gain support for)
    she carried her point
    hizo prevalecer su argumento
    Example sentences
    • The decision was bitterly controversial and was carried by Republican Party majorities alone.
    • The substantive motion was then voted on, and carried by a massive majority.
    • If member states had agreed that the treaty could be carried by a majority vote, that would be one thing.
    6.2 (Politics) (win)
    hacerse con
    to carry all before oneshe arrived in Washington, carrying all before her
    llegó a Washington, arrasando con todo
    the new model has carried all before it
    el nuevo modelo ha arrasado con la competencia
  • 7 7.1 (stock)
    Example sentences
    • Online bridal stores also carry the latest styles with the most competitive and reasonable prices.
    • The shop carries four exclusive cosmetic ranges.
    • All of these stores carry everything you could need in organic produce and groceries.
    7.2 (include) (Journalism)
    Example sentences
    • The new deal ensures that commentary from every league and cup match can be carried by the station.
    • I'll see whether any of the mainstream newspapers have carried a more detailed report.
    • Each of the five stations will carry BBC World Service's news, science, music and cultural programmes.
  • 8 (of bearing) to carry one's head erect
    llevar la cabeza erguida
  • 9 (Mathematics) carry 1
    (me) llevo 1
    Example sentences
    • If ever you get a sum bigger than 10, then write down the units digit of the sum and remember to carry anything over into your next pair to add.
    • Then, like a line of dominoes, the nines turn into zeros as we carry one back and back.
    • Write down the last digit and carry the other digit, if any, working right-to-left.

reflexive verb

to carry oneself
  • 1 (in bearing) she carries herself well
    tiene buen porte
    Example sentences
    • Never arrogant or boastful, they stand their ground and carry themselves with authority.
    • When we lose our humor, our whole demeanor changes - our tone of voice, how we move and carry ourselves, our facial expressions.
    • Their attractiveness lies not so much in their appearance as in the way they carry themselves and behave.
  • 2 (behave)
    she carried herself well in a difficult situation
    supo desenvolverse bien en una situación difícil

intransitive verb

  • sound carries further in the mountains
    en la montaña los sonidos llegan más lejos
    her voice carries well
    su voz tiene mucha proyección
    the arrow carried beyond the target
    la flecha siguió más allá del blanco
    Example sentences
    • The sound of voices carried to them from the eastern side of the island.
    • In the silence and still air sound carries surprisingly clearly.
    • He could hear the sound of voices carrying from the inside of the room.

Phrasal verbs

carry away

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (usually passive)
they were carried away by the excitement of the occasion
se dejaron llevar por lo emocionante de la ocasión
the audience was completely carried away by his virtuosity
su virtuosismo transportó or extasió al público
I got carried away and painted the window as well
me entusiasmé y pinté la ventana también
he didn't really mean it, he got a little carried away
no lo hizo a propósito, se le fue un poco la mano

carry back

verb + object + adverb
the music carried me back to those happy days
la música me recordó aquellos tiempos felices
la música me transportó a aquellos felices tiempos [literary]

carry forward

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
llevar (a la columna o página siguiente)
can we carry the surplus forward to next year?
¿podemos transferir el excedente al ejercicio siguiente?
carried forward

carry off

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 1.1 (abduct)
1.2 (kill)
(disease/plague) [dated]
2 2.1 (win)
hacerse con
she carried off all the prizes
barrió or arrasó con todos los premios
2.2 (succeed with) will she be able to carry off the part with sufficient style?
¿podrá interpretar el papel con el estilo que se requiere?
she carried the interview off very well
salió muy airosa or muy bien parada de la entrevista
they tried to seem unruffled and they almost carried it off
trataron de dar la impresión de que ni se inmutaban y casi lo lograron

carry on

1 1.1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (continue, maintain)
seguir con
continuar con
1.2verb + adverb + object (conduct, pursue)
2verb + adverb 2.1 (continue) the strike could well carry on into the new year
la huelga podría seguir or continuar hasta entrado el año que viene
carry on, you were saying?
continúa ¿qué estabas diciendo?
to carry on -ing
seguir + gerund
they just carried on talking
siguieron hablando como si tal cosa
to carry on with something
seguir con algo
carry on with what you're doing!
¡sigue con lo que estás haciendo!
I've got enough work to be carrying on with
por el momento tengo bastante trabajo
2.2 (make a fuss) [colloquial]what a way to carry on!
¡qué manera de hacer escándalo, por favor!
there's no need to carry on about it!
¡no hay necesidad de seguir dale que dale con el asunto! [colloquial]
2.3 (have affair) [colloquial]they'd been carrying on for years
hacía años que tenían un enredo [colloquial]

carry out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (perform, conduct)
llevar a cabo
2 (fulfill)
cumplir con

carry over

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (defer, postpone)

carry through

1verb + object + adverb, verb + object + preposition + object (enable to survive) it was this thought that carried us through
esta idea fue la que nos sostuvo durante la prueba
enough supplies to carry them through the winter
suficientes provisiones que les permitan sobrevivir el invierno
her spiritual strength carried her through her illness
su fortaleza espiritual la ayudó a sobrellevar la enfermedad
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (bring to completion)
llevar a cabo
llevar a término
llevar a cabo
llevar a término
poner en práctica
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