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center also: (British) centre
American English: /ˈsɛn(t)ər/
British English: /ˈsɛntə/

Translation of center in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (middle point, area) the museum is in the city center
    el museo está en el centro de la ciudad
    our office is right in the center
    nuestra oficina está en el mismo centro
    I'm going into the center
    voy al centro
    the center of the universe
    el centro del universo
    his children are the center of his world
    su vida está centrada en sus hijos
    su vida gira en torno a sus hijos
    to be the center of attention
    ser el centro de atención
    Example sentences
    • When touring the blues clubs of Chicago, it is best to stay around the centre and the north side of the city.
    • The zippers are in the under surface at the centre and near to each cross boom end for inspection purposes.
    • The peak in the center of this surface represented the large estimate of genetic variance in the E3 environment.
    Example sentences
    • Times Square, normally a centre of frenetic activity, was deserted.
    • Coventry developed from a significant centre of production to a centre of motor car activity by the beginning of the First World War.
    • Warsaw, which fell to Russia, became a centre of ballet activity.
    1.2 (Politics) he's left of center
    es de centro izquierda
    (before noun) (party/coalition)
    de centro
    Example sentences
    • The first round of the French presidential election showed the extent of the collapse of the centre parties.
    • Several people wrote to suggest that the Democrats actually are the center party these days, and there's a lot of truth in that.
    • Although Kinnock began on the left, he took the Labour Party into the political centre.
    1.3 (filling)
    Example sentences
    • A chocolate bar unfortunately unavailable in the US, milk chocolate with little caramel centres.
    • Flatten each ball, put one part of filling in the centre and cover it to make an oval ball.
    • In the confectionery industry today, fruit pastes appear to have been reduced to a minor role as centres for fondant, chocolates, and dragées.
  • 2 (site of activity) commercial/financial center
    centro comercial/financiero
    community/health center
    centro cívico/de salud
    a center of learning/higher education
    un centro de enseñanza/educación superior
    urban center attacks on civilian centers have ceased
    han cesado los ataques dirigidos a poblaciones
    Example sentences
    • The disused school building could be a centre for the community to meet and for visitors to gather.
    • It is envisaged as a fully accessible cultural building and a centre for excellence in innovation.
    • It will sell charity goods and film memorabilia, and will also double as an activity centre for terminally ill children.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (position)
    Example sentences
    • Place the keg on the scale and tilt it on its edge centering it in the middle of the scale.
    • Center the nail in the nail slot and drive the nail straight in.
    • These pressure distributions apply a side force to the hammer piston which strives to center the hammer piston in the guide.
    1.2 (Sport)
    lanzar un centro con
    Example sentences
    • In just the sixth minute of play Larkin beat her defender on the right side of the field and centered the ball to junior forward Fellows.
    • James centered the ball for Macauley to finish with a header, but Mariano intervened and prevented a goal.
    • "The player that centred the ball for Allen to score the equaliser was Richardson," he said.
  • 2 2.1 (concentrate, focus)to center something on something/somebody
    centrar algo en algo/alguien
    2.2 (base around) she centers her life around her work/husband
    su vida gira alrededor de su trabajo/marido
    the major industries are centered on Chicago
    las principales industrias están concentradas en Chicago y sus alrededores
    Example sentences
    • A number of Jewish pressure groups, mainly centred in North America called for the book to be pulped.
    • It was actually formed by a number of scholars, mainly centred in Trinity College in Cambridge.
    • The cancer centre is centred in Sligo and cares for patients in the surrounding counties - Leitrim, Roscommon, Donegal, Mayo and West Cavan.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (focus on)to center on or upon something/somebody
    centrarse en algo/alguien
    his hopes centered on being promoted
    cifraba todas sus esperanzas en que lo ascendieran
    Example sentences
    • His plan centers on increased support for renewable energy and for alternative motor fuels made from corn and soybeans.
    • The idea of a film project centring on her and her music seemed to make great sense.
    • Most of the discussions have centred around the future of the team and which players should be eligible to play for them.
  • 2 (revolve around)to center on or around something/somebody
    girar alrededor de or en torno a algo/alguien
    her life centers around her work
    su vida gira en torno a su trabajo
  • 3 (play in midfield) (US)
    jugar de mediocampo
    Example sentences
    • The new Grumpy Old Men line of veterans Kirk Muller, Mike Keane and John MacLean became a real defensive weapon, joining productive lines centered by Mike Modano and Joe Nieuwendyk.
    • A former Penguin will center Jagr's line, but except for on the power play, it won't be Lang.
    • In the meantime, Brad Chartrand is centering the Vlasak-Palffy line.
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