There are 2 translations of chance in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /tʃæns; tʃɑːns/


  • 1 u (fate) casualidad (f), azar (m) it was pure chance that we met nos encontramos de or por pura casualidad to trust sth to chance dejar algo (librado) al azar to leave nothing to chance no dejar nada (librado) al azar by chance por or de casualidad have you seen my hat, by any chance? ¿has visto mi sombrero por casualidad? do you by any chance happen to know where he lives? ¿sabes por casualidad dónde vive? if by any chance she should call, give her my number si (por casualidad) llamara or llegara a llamar, dale mi número (before n) [meeting/occurrence] casual, fortuito
  • 2 c (risk) riesgo (m) don't take any chances no te arriesgues, no corras riesgos he took a chance on not being recognized se arriesgó confiando en que no lo iban a reconocer we can't take chances with people's lives no podemos correr riesgos con or arriesgar la vida de la gente that's a chance we'll have to take es un riesgo que tendremos que correr
  • 3 c 3.1 (opportunity) oportunidad (f), ocasión (f) there was no chance to ask questions no hubo oportunidad or ocasión de hacer preguntas I wish I'd had the chance to travel when I was younger ojalá hubiera tenido la oportunidad de viajar cuando era joven the chance didn't arise no surgió or no se dio la oportunidad, no hubo ocasión to jump o leap at the chance aprovechar or no dejar escapar la oportunidad or ocasión the chance of a lifetime una oportunidad única en la vida, la oportunidad de su ( or mi etc) vida you always wanted to sing: now's/here's your chance siempre quisiste cantar: esta es tu oportunidad now's my chance esta es la mía, esta es mi oportunidad to miss one's chance desperdiciar la ocasión or la oportunidad finished yet? — give me a chance! ¿has acabado ya? — ¡espera un poco! it'll work if you only give it a chance ya verás como funciona si le das tiempo give them half a chance and they'll fleece you en cuanto te descuidas te despluman you won't get a second chance no vas a tener otra oportunidad 3.2 (raffle ticket) (AmE) número (m), boleto (m) to take o buy a chance comprar un número or boleto
  • 4 c (likelihood) posibilidad (f), chance (f or m) (esp AmL) he has no chance of escaping no tiene ninguna posibilidad or chance de escapar there's not much chance of winning now no hay muchas posibilidades or probabilidades or chances de ganar there is little chance that he has survived hay pocas posibilidades or probabilidades or chances de que haya sobrevivido there's a slight chance of her remembering podría ser que se acordara, existe una pequeña posibilidad de que se acuerde your plan hasn't a chance tu plan no tiene ninguna posibilidad they don't stand much of a chance lo tienen (bien) difícil she's got a fighting chance tiene alguna posibilidad or chance not a o no chance! [colloquial/familiar] ¡ni de casualidad or ni en broma! [familiar/colloquial] the chances are ten to one hay una posibilidad entre diez it's a million-to-one chance o a chance in a million las posibilidades son muy remotas (the) chances are (that) … [colloquial/familiar] lo más probable es que … the chances are he's left already lo más probable es que ya se haya ido to be in with a chance (BrE) tener* posibilidades or chances

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There are 2 translations of chance in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (risk) to chance it arriesgarse*, correr el riesgo let's chance it; after all, it may not rain arriesguémonos; después de todo, puede que no llueva 1.2 (happen)to chance to + inf I just chanced to be passing your office pasaba por tu oficina por casualidad Ann chanced to see them kiss [literario/literary] quiso el azar que Ann los viera besándose [literario/literary]
    More example sentences
    • White wondered silently if this man he chanced to meet in the desert were really as well intending as he seemed to be.
    • Nobody I have ever chanced to meet has ever played the cards as well as Evelyn.
    • Maybe in all of his handling of it, he'd finally chanced to accidentally turn it on.
    More example sentences
    • So I have converted 60 people to the cause (some of those people may just have chanced across the site by accident - looking up kinky octopuses no doubt).
    • As from next year, there will be no domestic coverage of Test cricket, so no opportunity for hungover passers-by to accidentally chance upon such a thriller.
    • The answer had become clear to Eaton last night, when he had chanced upon Clara comforting Will after Rebecca's accident.

Phrasal verbs

chance on

chance upon v + prep + o
[object] encontrar* por casualidad; [person] encontrarse* por casualidad con

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