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American English: /klɔ/
British English: /klɔː/

Translation of claw in Spanish:


  • 1 (of tiger, lion)
    (of eagle) garra (feminine)
    to get one's claws into somebody [colloquial]he won't stand a chance if she gets her claws into him
    es hombre muerto si cae en sus garras
    the critics have got their claws into him
    los críticos se le han echado encima or se han encarnizado con él
    Example sentences
    • Stalls sold everything from dried lizards and birds' claws to spanners, nails and toothpaste.
    • The limbs are only moderately long, and the feet are narrow, with four main digits and short claws.
    • Lured into a folk chemist, I ducked beneath lizard claws and snake skins, dodged the birds' feet and goat horns.
  • 2 (of crab, lobster)
    Example sentences
    • Please find attached two pictures that I took of a crab with four pincers on the one claw.
    • In some species, large males may use their major claw to kill smaller crabs.
    • They look like scorpions without tail or claws, and they live from animals' droppings.
  • 3 (of hammer)
    boca (feminine) sacaclavos
    (of excavator) cuchara (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • This he replaced with a mechanical claw plated with a non-tarnishing gold alloy.
    • It took the huge mechanical claw of a giant bulldozer just 35 minutes to crush it to a pile of dust.
    • They resembled green humanoid lizards, except for the black bodysuits and mechanical claws.

transitive verb

  • the cat had clawed the rug to shreds
    el gato había destrozado la alfombra con las uñas
    to claw one's waythey clawed their way through the wreckage of the plane
    se abrieron camino como pudieron entre los restos del avión
    he clawed his way to the top
    no reparó en medios para llegar a la cima
    Example sentences
    • I kept on yelling, while scratching and clawing at something in my back.
    • They rolled around on the floor, angrily scratching and slapping and clawing at each other.
    • He was holding onto the thick leg of an armchair, but tiny, scratching hands were clawing at him, forcing him to loosen his grip more and more gradually.

intransitive verb

  • to claw at somethingshe clawed at his face
    trató de arañarle la cara
    the cat's clawing at the door
    el gato está arañando la puerta
    he clawed at the branch as he fell
    intentó agarrarse de la rama al caer
    Example sentences
    • It was a pitiful thing to find fortunate, but at that point she would grab and claw at anything that could possibly brighten the atmosphere.
    • He threw himself back in suffocating agony and began to claw desperately at his throat.
    • She fell to her knees gasping for air, her hands clawing at her throat.

Phrasal verbs

claw back

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (esp British)
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