There are 2 translations of clutch in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /klʌtʃ/


  • 1 1.1 (grasp) to make a clutch at sth intentar agarrar algo she felt the clutch of the tentacle around her leg sintió como el tentáculo le agarraba la pierna or se le aferraba a la pierna
    More example sentences
    • She dropped her sword because his clutch was so tight, she nearly passed out.
    • In one desperate clutch at a straw, the company announced that it would start trading in weather!
    • You quickly tighten the clutch, as tight as you dare, then hang on!
    (clutches pl)
    garras (fpl) to be in/fall into sb's/sth's clutches estar*/caer* en las garras de algn/algo
    More example sentences
    • Fear gripped her in icy clutches despite the heat, and then, strangely, it ran down her skin in cold waves like snowmelt down a majestic mountain.
    • She moves out, leaving him in the clutches of the two strangers.
    • The cold clutches of reality gripped her stomach with a death hold as she realized… It was all real.
    1.3 (difficult, crucial situation) (AmE) in the clutch [colloquial/familiar] en las emergencias (before n) clutch situation situación (f) de emergencia
  • 3 3.1 (of eggs) nidada (f) 3.2 (group, bunch) puñado (m)
    More example sentences
    • We collected clutches, incubated the eggs, and took blood samples from hatching young.
    • The female incubates her large clutch, and both parents tend the hatchlings.
    • The female incubates the clutch of eggs, which can vary from 4 to 6, but usually consists of 5 eggs.
    More example sentences
    • Almost 10,000 clutches of chicks were purchased for families in Central America.
    • For example, a donation buys a clutch of chicks for a family in Central America, which will give that family an ongoing supply of eggs, meat and additional income.
    • The proceeds amounted to 115 which bought a clutch of chicks, a goat and a Family Survival Kit.
    More example sentences
    • I was surrounded by a clutch of girls and young men - my sisters and brothers.
    • The students have picked up a clutch of medals at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.
    • Today, thanks to the professional services offered by a clutch of landscape artists, gardening has assumed an altogether different dimension.
  • 4clutch bag

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There are 2 translations of clutch in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (grab) agarrar 1.2 (hold close, tightly) tener* firmemente agarrado he came in clutching a bunch of flowers entró con un ramo de flores en la mano she clutched the child to her breast estrechó or apretó al niño contra su pecho
    More example sentences
    • She froze, one hand gripping the doorknob and the other clutching the shawl tightly to her chest.
    • She yelled back, tightly clutching the seatbelt running diagonally down her chest.
    • His wife, a petite blonde, stands beside him clutching a glass of wine and smiling stiffly.


  • to clutch at sth tratar de agarrarse de algo she clutched at that faint hope se aferró a aquel rayo de esperanza

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