Translation of collapse in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /kəˈlæps/

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1 1.1 (fall down) [building/bridge] derrumbarse, desmoronarse, desplomarse; [roof] hundirse, venirse* abajo the floorboards collapsed under him las tablas del suelo cedieron bajo su peso
    More example sentences
    • The structure suddenly collapsed, sending lecturer and papers sprawling.
    • We can be reminded of the horror and the technical horror of these great structures collapsing.
    • Eye witness reports said part of the roofing structure collapsed onto a walkway which in turn buckled, causing the disaster.
    1.2 [Medicine/Medicina] [person] sufrir un colapso she collapsed from exhaustion sufrió un colapso debido al agotamiento
    More example sentences
    • A posterolateral thoracotomy was performed and the chest was entered through the fifth interspace, with the left lung collapsed.
    • He had sustained a penetrating bullet wound to his chest on the right side. Air had rushed into his chest and his right lung collapsed.
    • The operation was long and difficult and Emily spent four weeks in hospital undergoing physiotherapy because her lungs had collapsed.
    More example sentences
    • In addition, a thin layer of liquid lining the alveoli exerts surface tension, tending to collapse the lungs, although this surface tension is greatly decreased by the presence of surfactant.
    • The left lung was collapsed and superiorly encased by tumor.
    • Medical tests have established that the amount of pressure needed to occlude the arteries is six times less than the pressure needed to collapse the airway.
    More example sentences
    • Horrified holidaymakers looked on as Jack collapsed unconscious following the accident, and a helicopter was called in to airlift him off the side of the mountain.
    • A York pensioner found collapsed at home with mysterious head injuries was fighting for his life in hospital today.
    • A man had collapsed in Victoria Place in the town and was unconscious.
    More example sentences
    • A couple of years ago, as she was reaching the pinnacle of her career, she returned from an international book tour so exhausted that she collapsed into bed and slept for 24 hours.
    • Three days later, Shuttlesworth rose from bed, where he had remained since collapsing from exhaustion at the Gaston Motel press conference.
    • I hung up the phone and then collapsed in exhaustion onto my bed.
  • 2 (fall) [person] desplomarse I collapsed into an armchair me desplomé en un sillón we collapsed with laughter nos desternillamos de risa
  • 3 (fail) fracasar, venirse* abajo they withdrew their support and the project collapsed retiraron su apoyo y el proyecto fracasó or se vino abajo
    More example sentences
    • When the tin market collapsed in the 80s, tens of thousands of unemployed miners turned to the cultivation of Bolivia's other major export - coca leaf.
    • The trial of a chief constable's staff officer accused of stealing a hi-fi from a police property store collapsed after a jury failed to reach a verdict on two charges of theft and one of forgery.
    • Needless to say, the BC treaty process has collapsed and failed to produce any results, so you have a very desperate situation in our communities.
  • 4 [currency/prices] caer* en picada or (Spain/España) en picado; [company] quebrar*, ir* a la bancarrota
    More example sentences
    • When the Indonesian currency collapsed, the retail price of soya escalated, making the cooking oil far too expensive for the bulk of the people to afford.
    • It was perceived as a safe option as it would hold its value when other assets and currencies collapsed in value.
    • The chancellor had ordered a review of North Sea taxation in 1997, but was forced to put it on a back burner a year later when the oil price collapsed.
  • 5 5.1 (fold up) [table/chair] plegarse* 5.2
    (collapsing present participle/participio presente)
    [table/chair] plegable
    More example sentences
    • With another command, the Runabout's wings collapsed into themselves and folded up into their stowage position.
    • The behavior of these disks differs from a number of systems that collapse by forming folds which extend hundreds of microns into the aqueous phase.
    • The new building certainly looks extraordinary, collapsing in on itself, in folds and twists which defy the eye.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo


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