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collect 1

American English: /kəˈlɛkt/
British English: /kəˈlɛkt/

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (gather together) (information/evidence/data)
    recabar [formal]
    he collected some shells on his walk
    durante el paseo recogió algunas conchas
    we're collecting old clothes for charity
    estamos juntando ropa usada para una obra benéfica
    we collected (up) our belongings
    recogimos nuestras cosas
    could you collect (up) the glasses?
    ¿podrías recoger los vasos?
    Example sentences
    • They shot at anything and everything, except the clays, which were often collected up unscathed and reused.
    • This post collects a number of these political discussions.
    • We're collecting emergency numbers from the workers today.
    1.2 (attract, accumulate) my books are collecting dust
    mis libros están acumulando or juntando polvo
    Example sentences
    • To counter the drain on scarce water supplies, rainwater will be collected in underground tanks and a new breed of wildlife-rich village pond.
    • At present rain water is being collected in large storage dams and reticulated to the end consumer via a network of pipes, pumps and treatment plant to ensure drinking water quality.
    • Rainwater can be collected in plenty during rainy seasons, but we waste it by allowing it to flow into the sea.
    1.3 (earn) [colloquial]
    sacar(se) [colloquial]
    I collected around $5,000 this month
    este mes (me) saqué como 5.000 dólares
    he collected a heavy fine (British)
    se ganó una buena multa [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Fakhruz Zaman approached Shemon Miah when he called at the Saffron Spice restaurant in Peatmoor on behalf of his father to collect a bill payment from the owner, Swindon Crown Court was told.
    • She's moved a few miles away from my patch and asked if I would still collect her payments, because she was used to me calling.
    • A few days later he delivers them and collects the payment.
  • 2 (as hobby)
    hacer colección de
    juntar (esp Latin America)
    he collects the work of young unknowns
    colecciona obras de artistas jóvenes desconocidos
    Example sentences
    • He doesn't have any hobbies - doesn't collect anything or travel anywhere; doesn't read or listen to music.
    • Her newest hobby is collecting each of the new Euro coins from each country.
    • Mr. G. Sethuraman, an active philatelist who has been collecting stamps since 1974, says this hobby has a high knowledge-gaining potential.
  • 3 (fetch, pick up) I collected my suit from the cleaner's
    recogí el traje de la tintorería
    they collect the garbage every Monday
    todos los lunes pasan a recoger la basura
    she collects her from school every day
    la recoge del colegio or la va a buscar al colegio todos los días
    I'm collecting Jean on the way
    de camino voy a pasar a recoger or a buscar a Jean
    Example sentences
    • Swinford players will be collected up at the Gateway Hotel, Swinford at 8.15 am.
    • Meet your coach, collect the right number of departing guests from their hotels and get them to the airport - then do the same in reverse for the arrivals.
    • If you want to be one of the DJ's, you need to arrive at the venue at 7: 00 pm to collect your number (more details to follow).
  • 5 (put in order) give me some time to collect my thoughts
    déjame pensar un momento
    to collect oneself
    recobrar la calma

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (gather, assemble)
    Example sentences
    • Hollin has collected together a range of individuals and collaborators to provide a concise but comprehensive overview of the principles and premises inherent in this area.
    • It defines the word assembly as a company of persons collected together in one place usually for a common purpose.
    • Since the particles start with zero energy, this means that by the time they have collected together to form a star or a planet they have negative energy.
    1.2 (accumulate)
  • 2 (solicit contributions)
    recaudar dinero
    hacer una colecta
    Example sentences
    • The funeral took place this morning at St Peter's Church in Mill Hill where donations were collected for MacMillan Nurses.
    • Thankfully a large sum of money has been collected for the Irish Wheelchair Association.
    • A nice website has been established in her memory and a charitable trust is collecting donations to support the kinds of causes for which she gave her life.
  • 3 (take money) [colloquial]


  • (US)
    a cobro revertido
    por cobrar (Chile) (Mexico)


  • (US)
    a cobro revertido
    por cobrar (Chile) (Mexico)
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There are 2 entries that translate collect into Spanish:

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collect 2

American English: /ˈkɑlˌɛkt/
British English: /ˈkɒlɛkt/
, /ˈkɒlɪkt/


  • (Religion)
    Example sentences
    • However, a new type of short full anthem, often a setting of one of the seasonal collects, gained in popularity after about 1800.
    • This kind of evangelism is far more persuasive than simply publishing the world's best book of new collects, calls to worship, or Eucharistic prayers.
    • The Australian Prayer Book has a somewhat revised version of the collect found in the ASB 1980.
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