Translation of consent in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /kənˈsent/

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • acceder to consent to sth acceder a or consentir* en algo she has consented to see you ha accedido a or ha consentido en verlo he consented to being interviewed accedió a or consintió en ser entrevistado consenting adult [Law/Derecho][ adulto que realiza un acto por su propia y libre voluntad ]
    More example sentences
    • Where the author has consented to that, either personally or through another, then these rights will generally be exhausted.
    • It would be quite unreal to infer that the bank consented to the withdrawal by a card holder whose account had been closed.
    • All group members consented to the discussion being taped, and we explained that all material would be made anonymous.


uncountable/no numerable
  • consentimiento (masculine) to give/refuse one's consent dar*/negar* su ( or mi etc) consentimiento by mutual consent de común acuerdo he gave his consent to their marriage dio su consentimiento para que se casaran age of consent [Law/Derecho][ edad a partir de la cual es válido el consentimiento que se da para tener relaciones sexuales ]

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