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American English: /ˈkəvər/
British English: /ˈkʌvə/

Translation of cover in Spanish:


  • 1 countable 1.1
    Example sentences
    • Manhole covers have been sealed, sight-lines checked and staff vetted.
    • Light shone through the holes in the manhole covers.
    • Attempts from the council to board them up and drill holes in the covers to let water flow through have failed.
    (over tennis court, vehicle)
    (for cushion, sofa, typewriter)
    (for book, notebook)
    also: bed cover
    Example sentences
    • With either system, deep rubber floormats and coated vinyl seat covers are included to protect the interior from muddy riders.
    • The unit is fantastic for shirts, duvet covers and bedspreads and uses only 2.4 feet of space.
    • ‘If we put covers on before it's totally thawed out, the covers basically protect the frost,’ he said.
    also: covers plural
    (bedclothes) See examples: the covers
    las mantas
    las cobijas (Latin America)
    las frazadas (Latin America)
  • 3 3.1 uncountable (shelter, protection) See examples: to take cover
    ponerse a cubierto
    we took cover from the rain in a barn
    nos guarecimos de la lluvia en un granero
    to run for cover
    correr a guarecerse or a ponerse a cubierto
    under cover of darkness o night
    al abrigo or amparo de la oscuridad or de la noche
    to give somebody cover (Military)
    cubrir a alguien
    air cover (Military)
    cobertura (feminine) aérea
    to break cover
    salir al descubierto
    3.2 uncountable (of vegetation) See examples: this plant provides good ground cover
    esta planta cubre rápidamente el terreno
    3.3 countable or uncountable the bar served as a cover for illegal activities
    el bar servía de tapadera or de pantalla para negocios ilegales
    to blow o break somebody's cover
    desenmascarar a alguien
    Example sentences
    • Her commercial work includes newspaper and magazine features and book covers.
    • The young man made his way as illustrator for book covers and magazines.
    • Almost all of his work from then on was for magazine covers and book illustrations.
    Example sentences
    • At that time, the intelligence services used cover organizations to ask him to write about China.
    • He also helped cover of scams and spy on the respective people of Versanalus.
    • It is difficult to see how such cover can work at all if a fronting company alone is the reinsured.
  • 4 uncountable (Finance) 4.1
    (insurance) (British English)
    the policy provides third-party cover
    la póliza cubre contra terceros
    to take out cover against something
    asegurarse contra algo
    Example sentences
    • We would require some indemnity from them to cover us from liability.
    • But did you know that if you are planning to rent out your property, you need extra insurance cover?
    • Many reception venues will insist that couples have adequate insurance cover before they will hire out their rooms.
  • 5 uncountable (reserve duty) See examples: volunteers provide cover for the firemen
    un cuerpo de voluntarios suple a los bomberos cuando es necesario
  • 7 countable (Music)
    Example sentences
    • A tired old boy band singing a cover version of a song that was rubbish anyway?
    • Good, bad or just plain wrong, If I see a cover version of a song I know, I have to have it.
    • Is it, therefore, a coincidence that their biggest hit so far is essentially a cover version; albeit a cheeky one?

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (overlay) ivy covers the walls
    la hiedra cubre las paredes
    they covered the walls with slogans
    llenaron or cubrieron las paredes de pintadas
    he covered himself with glory [literary]
    se cubrió de gloria
    to be covered in something
    estar cubierto de algo
    she was covered in paint
    estaba cubierta de pintura
    everything was covered in o with dust
    todo estaba cubierto or lleno de polvo
    Example sentences
    • The front windows were covered with a series of green shutters to keep the afternoon sun from pouring into them.
    • The rest of his crop is covered with conventional white canopy to protect it from the fierce westerlies common in the area.
    • The front of the enclosure is covered with a panel that is as thick as the rest of the casing.
    ponerle una funda a
    covered market
    mercado (masculine) cubierto
  • 2 2.1 (extend over)
    2.2 (travel, traverse)
    we covered 200km a day
    recorrimos 200km por día
    Example sentences
    • Communication and travel was slow, ships and messages took years to travel the distances covered.
    • If you do five rides a week for 100 miles, try covering the same distance in just three rides one week.
    • DO YOU know that the train that covers the longest distance passes through Ernakulam on Thursdays and Fridays?
    2.3 (operate over)
    Example sentences
    • Moreover, the chapter covers all service areas not specifically excluded - a very wide brush indeed.
    • Wind farms, distributed across good locations to cover a service area, can be up and running in a year.
    • Enhanced services will cover areas such as minor surgery or improving access to patients.
    Example sentences
    • The Dinaric Alps that cover this area also extend southward into Serbia and Montenegro.
    • Our geographic district has been extended so that we cover an area at least double the previous size.
    • If it could be assembled on the ground it would cover an area as large as two football fields.
  • 3 3.1 (deal with)
    this case is not covered by existing legislation
    la legislación vigente no contempla este caso
    3.2 (report on) (Journalism)
    Example sentences
    • Several special issues covering important subjects were published during that period.
    • In summary, this book covers a very important subject.
    • Other courses cover issues that are important for all aspects of humanitarian work.
    Example sentences
    • Reporters covering traumatic events can take some steps of their own.
    • Reporters, however, cover meetings only when there is the promise of something newsworthy.
    • The timing will also offer opportunities to meet with BBC reporters in the area covering the elections.
    3.3 (apply to) (Law)this legislation only covers large companies
    esta legislación solo afecta or se aplica a las empresas grandes
    Example sentences
    • The law covers anybody who misbehaves criminally.
    • It sounds rather tied to this particular case, rather than every case covered by the rule.
    • The rules cover employees on contracts for a fixed term or task.
  • 4 4.1 (hide) she covered her ears/eyes
    se tapó los oídos/ojos
    to cover one's head
    cubrirse (la cabeza)
    4.2 (mask)
    Example sentences
    • It was almost as if he was putting on a mask or disguise to cover his sorrow.
    • The words were covered by the heavy sounds of cheers and the banging of the bass drum.
    • I knew that the sounds of the waters and the night noises would cover my quiet words.
    Example sentences
    • The original yellow paint covers the lower forty-nine inches of the left side.
    • It was painted a horrible cream colour completely covering the beautiful old brickwork.
    • And, finally, do the trim so that any paint that accidentally gets on the trim can be covered.
  • 5 5.1 (guard, protect) we have all the exits covered
    tenemos todas las salidas cubiertas
    I'll keep you covered
    yo te cubro
    5.2 (point gun at)
    apuntarle a
    we've got you covered!
    ¡te tenemos encañonado!
    ¡te estamos apuntando!
    Example sentences
    • He could only watch with an impressed look and cover her with his gun.
    • John moved for his gun, but Silas was already covering him.
    • Jim took two quick steps backwards, trying to cover Diana with the gun and keep from losing sight of Harry.
    5.3 (Sport)
    Example sentences
    • Ironically, Dailly had been trying to shepherd the ball clear as he covered behind Elliott.
    • Henderson took the sting off his close-range effort and Bower was covering behind him to clear off the line.
    Example sentences
    • In case of a mismatch where a smaller defender must cover a taller player, a teammate should collapse to help.
    • If this happens, you need to look for the player your team mate was covering, and now you cover that player.
    • If the back defenders are covering the middle player, either or both of your sideline girls are open.
    Example sentences
    • The batter hits a ground ball to shortstop, who tosses the ball to the second baseman covering the bag for a force out.
    • We had first, second and third bases covered, plus a pitcher and a catcher.
    • The judge seems to have covered all of his bases in this decision, making it difficult to overturn.
  • 6 (Finance) 6.1 (pay for, meet)
    hacer frente a
    will $100 cover it?
    ¿alcanzará con 100 dólares?
    6.2 (insurance) the policy covers you against all risks
    esta póliza lo cubre contra todo tipo de riesgos
    to be covered against something
    estar asegurado contra algo
    Example sentences
    • This way they earn enough money to cover most of the cost of both steers.
    • When wages barely cover living costs, the working classes cannot fund the whims and fancies of politicians forever.
    • Hopefully, with two and a half days work last week I made enough money to cover my costs.
    Example sentences
    • We are still the only industrial nation whose citizens are not all covered by health insurance.
    • One complication here is that you may be covered by insurance for some situations.
    • Taxpayers who itemize can deduct disaster losses not covered by insurance or federal aid.
  • 8 (Agriculture)
    Example sentences
    • Fortunately, we found this out before the stallion commenced covering mares from September 1 and saved many breeders from disappointment.
    • When a small breeder wishes to have his mare covered by a top stallion, he will pay top dollar for the privilege.
    • Molony wants stallion owners to reduce the number of mares each sire covers and to be more selective.
  • 9 (Music)
    Example sentences
    • He's also been listening to the Bunnymen, even covering one of their songs in live sets.
    • It's tempting to think of this song as Marc Jordan covering a Rod Stewart song, but this, in fact, is the original.
    • There have also been some big bands that have covered Last Resort songs.

intransitive verb

  • 1.1 (deputize) See examples:to cover for somebody
    sustituir or suplir a alguien
    1.2 (conceal truth) See examples:to cover for somebody
    encubrir a alguien
    Example sentences
    • An appropriate punishment for having covered for the president would have been four more years of cleaning up after him.
    • Like today, I almost got punished for covering for Matt.
    • And what charges will you make against a president who so obviously covered for his consigliere all this time?
    Example sentences
    • All lessons are being covered either by supply teachers or staff covering for colleagues.
    • He was covering for a colleague when the attack happened.
    • Over the next two years it will limit teachers to spending only 38 hours a year covering for absent colleagues.

reflexive verb

Phrasal verbs

cover in

verb + adverb + object, verb + object + adverb
cover over 1

cover over

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1.1 (roof)
1.2 (conceal)

cover up

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 1.1 (cover completely) 1.2 (conceal)
2verb + adverb (conceal error) (conceal truth)to cover up for somebody
encubrir a alguien

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