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Pronunciation: /ˈkʌvər; ˈkʌvə(r)/


  • 1 c 1.1 (lid, casing) tapa (f), cubierta (f)
    More example sentences
    • Manhole covers have been sealed, sight-lines checked and staff vetted.
    • Light shone through the holes in the manhole covers.
    • Attempts from the council to board them up and drill holes in the covers to let water flow through have failed.
    1.2 (over tennis court, vehicle) lona (f); (for cushion, sofa, typewriter) funda (f); (for book, notebook) forro (m)
    (bed cover)
    cubrecama (m), colcha (f)
    More example sentences
    • With either system, deep rubber floormats and coated vinyl seat covers are included to protect the interior from muddy riders.
    • The unit is fantastic for shirts, duvet covers and bedspreads and uses only 2.4 feet of space.
    • ‘If we put covers on before it's totally thawed out, the covers basically protect the frost,’ he said.
    (covers pl)
    (bedclothes) the covers las mantas, las cobijas (AmL) , las frazadas (AmL)
  • 3 3.1 u (shelter, protection) to take cover guarecerse*, ponerse* a cubierto we took cover from the rain in a barn nos guarecimos de la lluvia en un granero to run for cover correr a guarecerse or a ponerse a cubierto under cover of darkness o night al abrigo or amparo de la oscuridad or de la noche to give sb cover [Mil] cubrir* a algn air cover [Mil] cobertura (f) aérea to break cover salir* al descubierto 3.2 u (of vegetation) this plant provides good ground cover esta planta cubre rápidamente el terreno 3.3 c u (front, pretense) tapadera (f), pantalla (f) the bar served as a cover for illegal activities el bar servía de tapadera or de pantalla para negocios ilegales to blow o break sb's cover desenmascarar a algn
    More example sentences
    • Her commercial work includes newspaper and magazine features and book covers.
    • The young man made his way as illustrator for book covers and magazines.
    • Almost all of his work from then on was for magazine covers and book illustrations.
    More example sentences
    • At that time, the intelligence services used cover organizations to ask him to write about China.
    • He also helped cover of scams and spy on the respective people of Versanalus.
    • It is difficult to see how such cover can work at all if a fronting company alone is the reinsured.
  • 4 u [Fin] 4.1 (insurance) (BrE) cobertura (f) the policy provides third-party cover la póliza cubre contra terceros to take out cover against sth asegurarse contra algo 4.2 (in banking) garantía (f)
    More example sentences
    • We would require some indemnity from them to cover us from liability.
    • But did you know that if you are planning to rent out your property, you need extra insurance cover?
    • Many reception venues will insist that couples have adequate insurance cover before they will hire out their rooms.
  • 5 u (reserve duty) volunteers provide cover for the firemen un cuerpo de voluntarios suple a los bomberos cuando es necesario
  • 7 c [Mus] (of a song) versión (f)
    More example sentences
    • A tired old boy band singing a cover version of a song that was rubbish anyway?
    • Good, bad or just plain wrong, If I see a cover version of a song I know, I have to have it.
    • Is it, therefore, a coincidence that their biggest hit so far is essentially a cover version; albeit a cheeky one?

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There are 2 translations of cover in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 (overlay) cubrir* ivy covers the walls la hiedra cubre las paredes they covered the walls with slogans llenaron or cubrieron las paredes de pintadas he covered himself with glory [literario/literary] se cubrió de gloria to be covered in sth estar* cubierto de algo she was covered in paint estaba cubierta de pintura everything was covered in o with dust todo estaba cubierto or lleno de polvo 1.2 [hole/saucepan] tapar 1.3 [cushion] ponerle* una funda a; [book] forrar; [sofa] tapizar*, recubrir* 1.4 [passage/terrace] techar, cubrir* covered market mercado (m) cubierto
  • 2 2.1 (extend over) [area/floor] cubrir*; [page] llenar 2.2 (travel, traverse) [distance] recorrer, cubrir* we covered 200km a day recorrimos 200km por día
    More example sentences
    • Communication and travel was slow, ships and messages took years to travel the distances covered.
    • If you do five rides a week for 100 miles, try covering the same distance in just three rides one week.
    • DO YOU know that the train that covers the longest distance passes through Ernakulam on Thursdays and Fridays?
    2.3 (operate over) [region/area] cubrir*
    More example sentences
    • The Dinaric Alps that cover this area also extend southward into Serbia and Montenegro.
    • Our geographic district has been extended so that we cover an area at least double the previous size.
    • If it could be assembled on the ground it would cover an area as large as two football fields.
    More example sentences
    • Moreover, the chapter covers all service areas not specifically excluded - a very wide brush indeed.
    • Wind farms, distributed across good locations to cover a service area, can be up and running in a year.
    • Enhanced services will cover areas such as minor surgery or improving access to patients.
    More example sentences
    • Layers of dust covered its surface as if no one had dared look at their reflection in it in a very long time.
    • The garbage was covering the entire kitchen floor.
    • This was not the first time the floor of a gallery space had been covered with loose natural material.
  • 3 3.1 (deal with) [syllabus] cubrir*; [topic] tratar; [eventuality] contemplar this case is not covered by existing legislation la legislación vigente no contempla este caso 3.2 (report on) [Journ] cubrir*
    More example sentences
    • Several special issues covering important subjects were published during that period.
    • In summary, this book covers a very important subject.
    • Other courses cover issues that are important for all aspects of humanitarian work.
    More example sentences
    • Reporters covering traumatic events can take some steps of their own.
    • Reporters, however, cover meetings only when there is the promise of something newsworthy.
    • The timing will also offer opportunities to meet with BBC reporters in the area covering the elections.
    3.3 (apply to) [Law] this legislation only covers large companies esta legislación solo afecta or se aplica a las empresas grandes
  • 4 4.1 (hide) tapar she covered her ears/eyes se tapó los oídos/ojos to cover one's head cubrirse* (la cabeza) 4.2 (mask) [surprise/ignorance] disimular; [blunder/mistake] ocultar, tapar [familiar/colloquial]
    More example sentences
    • It was almost as if he was putting on a mask or disguise to cover his sorrow.
    • The words were covered by the heavy sounds of cheers and the banging of the bass drum.
    • I knew that the sounds of the waters and the night noises would cover my quiet words.
    More example sentences
    • An appropriate punishment for having covered for the president would have been four more years of cleaning up after him.
    • Like today, I almost got punished for covering for Matt.
    • And what charges will you make against a president who so obviously covered for his consigliere all this time?
    More example sentences
    • The original yellow paint covers the lower forty-nine inches of the left side.
    • It was painted a horrible cream colour completely covering the beautiful old brickwork.
    • And, finally, do the trim so that any paint that accidentally gets on the trim can be covered.
  • 5 5.1 (guard, protect) cubrir* we have all the exits covered tenemos todas las salidas cubiertas I'll keep you covered yo te cubro 5.2 (point gun at) apuntarle a we've got you covered! ¡te tenemos encañonado!, ¡te estamos apuntando!
    More example sentences
    • He could only watch with an impressed look and cover her with his gun.
    • John moved for his gun, but Silas was already covering him.
    • Jim took two quick steps backwards, trying to cover Diana with the gun and keep from losing sight of Harry.
    5.3 [Sport] [opponent] marcar*; [court/shot/base] cubrir*
    More example sentences
    • The front windows were covered with a series of green shutters to keep the afternoon sun from pouring into them.
    • The rest of his crop is covered with conventional white canopy to protect it from the fierce westerlies common in the area.
    • The front of the enclosure is covered with a panel that is as thick as the rest of the casing.
    More example sentences
    • A thick layer of dirt covered him, probably from having been dragged along the filthy floors of the prison.
    • Both were covered completely in dirt, mud, and more of that reddish stuff.
    • From head to toe, he and his blue and white militia's uniform were covered in dirt.
    More example sentences
    • Due to the enemy's covering, seizing the hospital put us further from the enemy than at any other point around the garrison.
    • I went where she fell down and covered her, firing my rifle at the enemy.
    • One of the soldiers rushed forward and began frisking the older man while his comrades covered him.
    More example sentences
    • Ironically, Dailly had been trying to shepherd the ball clear as he covered behind Elliott.
    • Henderson took the sting off his close-range effort and Bower was covering behind him to clear off the line.
    More example sentences
    • In case of a mismatch where a smaller defender must cover a taller player, a teammate should collapse to help.
    • If this happens, you need to look for the player your team mate was covering, and now you cover that player.
    • If the back defenders are covering the middle player, either or both of your sideline girls are open.
    More example sentences
    • The batter hits a ground ball to shortstop, who tosses the ball to the second baseman covering the bag for a force out.
    • We had first, second and third bases covered, plus a pitcher and a catcher.
    • The judge seems to have covered all of his bases in this decision, making it difficult to overturn.
  • 6 [Fin] 6.1 (pay for, meet) [costs/expenses] cubrir*; [liabilities] hacer* frente a will $100 cover it? ¿alcanzará con 100 dólares? 6.2 (insurance) cubrir*, asegurar the policy covers you against all risks esta póliza lo cubre contra todo tipo de riesgos to be covered against sth estar* asegurado contra algo
    More example sentences
    • We are still the only industrial nation whose citizens are not all covered by health insurance.
    • One complication here is that you may be covered by insurance for some situations.
    • Taxpayers who itemize can deduct disaster losses not covered by insurance or federal aid.
  • 7 [Games] 7.1 [stake] igualar 7.2 [card/jack] matar
    More example sentences
    • The law covers anybody who misbehaves criminally.
    • It sounds rather tied to this particular case, rather than every case covered by the rule.
    • The rules cover employees on contracts for a fixed term or task.
    More example sentences
    • This way they earn enough money to cover most of the cost of both steers.
    • When wages barely cover living costs, the working classes cannot fund the whims and fancies of politicians forever.
    • Hopefully, with two and a half days work last week I made enough money to cover my costs.
  • 8 [Agr] [bull/stallion] cubrir*
    More example sentences
    • Fortunately, we found this out before the stallion commenced covering mares from September 1 and saved many breeders from disappointment.
    • When a small breeder wishes to have his mare covered by a top stallion, he will pay top dollar for the privilege.
    • Molony wants stallion owners to reduce the number of mares each sire covers and to be more selective.
  • 9 [Mus] [song] versionar
    More example sentences
    • He's also been listening to the Bunnymen, even covering one of their songs in live sets.
    • It's tempting to think of this song as Marc Jordan covering a Rod Stewart song, but this, in fact, is the original.
    • There have also been some big bands that have covered Last Resort songs.


  • 1.1 (deputize) to cover for sb sustituir* or suplir a algn 1.2 (conceal truth) to cover for sb encubrir* a algn
    More example sentences
    • All lessons are being covered either by supply teachers or staff covering for colleagues.
    • He was covering for a colleague when the attack happened.
    • Over the next two years it will limit teachers to spending only 38 hours a year covering for absent colleagues.

v refl

Phrasal verbs

cover in

v + adv + o, v + o + adv
cover over 1

cover over

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
1.1 (roof) [passage/terrace] techar, cubrir* 1.2 (conceal) tapar, cubrir*

cover up

v + o + adv, v + adv + o 1.1 (cover completely) cubrir*, tapar 1.2 (conceal) [facts/truth] ocultar, tapar [familiar/colloquial]; [mistake] disimular 1.1v + adv (conceal error) disimular (conceal truth) to cover up for sb encubrir* a algn

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