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American English: /krɔl/
British English: /krɔːl/

Translation of crawl in Spanish:

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (creep)
    ir a gatas
    I crawled to the phone and called for help
    me arrastré hasta el teléfono y pedí ayuda
    a spider crawled up my leg
    una araña se me subió por la pierna
    flesh 1 1
    Example sentences
    • I leaned forward, crawling on my knees to a bottle of beer resting on the desk next to the door.
    • Rolling across the ground, she crawled forward on her belly, ignoring the taste of grime and blood in her mouth.
    • Mack and I dove on the ground and began to crawl forward.
    Example sentences
    • The creature slowly crawled into the clearing and snuck over to Oki's side.
    • A pale green light shrouded the scenery, above a canopy thrived and animals and birds crawled and flew through the treetops.
    • The knight rode ahead of him calm and self-contained, but Kieran felt as though insects were crawling under the surface of his skin.
    1.2 (go slowly) (traffic/train)
    avanzar muy lentamente
    ir a paso de tortuga [colloquial]
    time crawled by
    el tiempo pasaba muy lentamente
    Example sentences
    • He sat down beside her and looked at the constant stream of slow-moving vehicles crawling along to the junction with the street.
    • The streets of South London were unusually dark as our bus crawled through a rainy Clapham and Brixton.
    • When I looked out of the window, there were three or four blokes going from door-to-door whilst an unmarked transit van crawled along behind them.
  • 2 (teem) the beach was crawling with tourists
    la playa estaba llena or plagada de turistas
    la playa hervía de turistas
  • 3 (demean oneself) [colloquial]
    to crawl to somebody
    arrastrarse or rebajarse ante alguien
    Example sentences
    • Bill's always crawling to management, hoping for promotion.
    • That's just what independent people who have worked hard all their lives want: to have to go crawling to the State with their begging bowl out.
    • Next thing you know, the t-shirt companies will come crawling to you, asking for you to be their ambassador!
    Example sentences
    • Inside it is crawling with maggot-like insects.
    • In the beginning, the area had been crawling with soldiers and bristling with guns.
    • You know the place is going to be crawling with all those people from the history department you don't like.


  • 1 (slow pace) (no plural) to go at a crawl
    avanzar muy lentamente
    ir a paso de tortuga [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • I was forced to slow down to a crawl and pay special attention to everything going on around me.
    • If every laptop user is downloading from the network at this speed, the servers will slow to a crawl.
    • He said the road did not look particularly dangerous but jams were caused when motorist slowed down to a crawl because of the icy conditions.
  • 2 (swimming stroke) to do the crawl
    nadar crol
    nadar a crol (Spain)
    nadar de crol (Mexico)
    Example sentences
    • The crawl stroke, with flutter kick, had been introduced into competitive swimming a few years earlier by another Aussie.
    • The shoulder can be put into a precarious position during the recovery and entry periods of the crawl and butterfly strokes.
    • So popular was the gala that the number of events had to be restricted to the front crawl and the backstroke because such a large number of competitors turned up.
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