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Pronunciation: /ˈkrɪtɪkəl/


  • 1 1.1 (censorious) [remark/report] crítico he watched us with a critical eye nos observó con ojo crítico to be critical of sth/sb criticar* algo/a algn she's terribly critical of government policy critica duramente la política del gobierno
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    • The report is also critical of road safety education because of its lack of prominence, vagueness and poor training for teachers.
    • Children with low self-esteem tend to be overly critical of and easily disappointed in themselves.
    • Inman is highly critical of industry sponsored safety studies, which he regards as marketing exercises.
    1.2 (journalistic, academic) [analysis/theory/writing] crítico the film enjoyed a critical success la película fue muy bien recibida por la crítica
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    • Set up a year ago by Martin Wheeler, 33, Iwari and its artists have sparked critical acclaim in the music press.
    • His recent CD recording of Liszt's piano music received critical acclaim.
    • It was released in July 2001 to critical acclaim.
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    • Translations of major texts are borrowed from current scholarly editions, while English texts are based on critical editions.
    • Since Q2 represents the text closest to the author's manuscript it might be chosen as the copy text for a critical edition.
    • Entire pages of these two critical texts are presented in her book, bilingual explanations on the left-hand side, graphic images on the right.
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    • Gavin sits on a Masters Degree Visual Arts Practises course with me where we have seen critical judgment voided by curatorial organisational skills.
    • The book is divided into two parts: a 35-page critical essay followed by drawings grouped according to theme.
    • The investigations, however, were not only celebratory; various critical examinations of the institution of cinema also emerged.
  • 2 2.1 (very serious) [condition/situation/shortage] crítico 2.2 (decisive, crucial) [period/phase] crítico; [victory/decision/resource] de importancia fundamental
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    • We have a potentially critical situation here.
    • It puts us in a difficult and critical situation.
    • None of these problems is critical, but they all act to inhibit the process of renewing Australia's economic infrastructure.
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    • But do they represent a critical factor in the success or failure of a business?
    • This gives them the right to take decisions of critical importance, having gained two thirds of the stake in the holding.
    • This completely fails to recognise the critical importance that success in business has in funding our aspirations for the public services.
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    • When the fraction is close to the critical value, computation times become very large.
    • On the other hand, if the frequency exceeded a certain critical value, there would be enough energy for the electron to be able to get away.
    • Similarly, superconductivity can be destroyed by applying a magnetic field that exceeds some critical value.
    2.3 [Physics/Física] [pressure/temperature/volume] crítico to go critical iniciar una reacción en cadena
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    • Following the accident, he was rushed to hospital in critical condition with a severe head injury and underwent brain surgery the very next day.
    • As of Wednesday afternoon at least two workers remained in critical condition from severe burns and six others were listed in serious condition.
    • It said nine of those injured were in critical condition, suggesting that the death toll might rise.

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