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Pronunciation: /ˈsaɪkəl/


  • 1 1.1 (process) ciclo (m) the menstrual/life cycle el ciclo menstrual/de la vida the trade o business cycle el ciclo económico
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    • At the sub-femtosecond level, a laser pulse contains only a few cycles of the carrier electromagnetic wave.
    • The quantum and classical Carnot engines therefore operate in the same way - a closed cycle of two isothermal and two adiabatic processes.
    • Hydrogen must replace fossil fuels through efficient production using solar radiation, thermochemical cycles, or bioinspired catalysts to split water.
    1.2 (of washing machine) programa (m) 1.3 (of songs, poems, plays) ciclo (m)
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    • Few established contemporary poets have shown the commitment or innovation displayed by Wearne in writing the long cycles of thematic poems.
    • Reading the text as a short story cycle and not just a collection reveals Lahiri's careful balancing of a range of representations and her intricate use of pattern and motif.
    • Akhmatova wrote a poem cycle called Cinque which was based on their evenings together.
  • 2 [Elec] [Comput] ciclo (m)
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    • Grid software makes collections of computers more efficient by allowing them to share CPU cycles, memory and other resources so closely that they act almost like a single computer.
    • The resources that are important from an active networking point of view include CPU cycles, main memory, and outgoing network bandwidth.
    • These are typically scientific or technical and require a great number of computer processing cycles or access to large amounts of data.
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    • Different frequencies, measured in hertz, or cycles per second, indicate different levels and types of activities.
    • The rate at which an object vibrates is measured in Hertz or cycles per second.
    • Optical clocks, with frequencies measured near 10 cycles per second, promise greater accuracy.
  • 3 (bicycle) bicicleta (f) (before n) cycle clips pinzas (fpl) para ciclista cycle lane carril (m) para bicicletas cycle path vía (f) para bicicletas cycle rack soporte (m) para estacionar or (Esp) aparcar (bicicletas) cycle shed estacionamiento (m) or (Esp) aparcamiento (m) cubierto para bicicletas cycle shop tienda (f) de bicicletas cycle track (cyclists' road) vía (f) para bicicletas, ciclovía (f) (AmL) bicisenda (f) (CS) (for competitions) velódromo (m)
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    • Race officials today announced they will be awarding two mountain cycles to volunteers aiding the effort in this year's race.
    • The sheer number of people in attendance has reduced the road to barely the width of two cycles.
    • Sidharth rides a cycle selling tea and coffee in bus and railway stations to make a living.

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There are 2 translations of cycle in Spanish:



  • [person] ir* en bicicleta I cycle to work voy al trabajo en bicicleta
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    • Jimmy Bergin from Abbeyleix took out his bicycle and cycled 28 miles to raise funds.
    • You could cycle, ride or kayak, but, personally, I prefer to trust my own two legs.
    • I opted to cycle for an hour out of London and then turn round, whatever the distance covered.

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