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American English: /dæʃ/
British English: /daʃ/

Translation of dash in Spanish:


  • 1 (sudden movement) (no plural) to make a dash for safety/shelter
    correr a ponerse a salvo/a cobijarse
    he made a dash for freedom
    intentó escaparse
    everyone made a dash for the exit
    todos se precipitaron hacia la salida
    to make a dash for it [colloquial]
    salir a toda mecha [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • The new initiative comes just months after a defendant leapt over the dock at Southend court and made a dash for freedom.
    • I made a dash for the door, and as I did I triggered the electronic video sensors at the store entrance, which wailed tumultuously as I broke out onto the street.
    • I autographed some books, including McTeer's, posed for a few photos, and, running late for my plane, made a dash for the exit.
  • 2 countable (small amount) a dash of vinegar
    un poquito or unas gotas de vinagre
    a dash of pepper
    una pizca de pimienta
    a dash of milk
    un chorrito de leche
    dark hair with a dash of grey
    pelo (masculine) entrecano
    Example sentences
    • Develop/wash in a flat-bottomed tray containing water with a dash of washing-up liquid added.
    • The dip, composed of vinegar, a splash of soy sauce and a dash of red chili, could use a certain extra something to give it more of a zing, as the roll was in need of a little something to wake up the taste buds.
    • A Mochatail for those daring enough to drink one is a dash of espresso coffee, sprinkled with chocolate cookie, topped with whipped cream.
    Example sentences
    • All that is charming about Australian wine, with a dash of sophistication.
    • Like many a group before them, they had met at art school, and not surprisingly they added a dash of colour to both their image and music.
    • The meet and the hunt provided a dash of colour in the lives of all during the otherwise drab British winter.
  • 3 countable 3.1 (punctuation mark)
    Example sentences
    • This book's a success, it's true, even though it's about commas, apostrophes, colons, dashes and other marks.
    • In less formal writing, the dash is often a catch-all mark to take the place of both colon and semicolon, obviating the need to distinguish them or think about more subtle kinds of punctuation.
    • Their use of the dash in the letters seems consistent with its use in much nineteenth - century correspondence.
    3.2 (in Morse code)
    Example sentences
    • Today, when we think of telegraphs we think of electric telegraphs, we think of wires and Morse code and dots and dashes and telegrams and that sort of thing.
    • Both transmitted in simplified Morse code, one solely dots, the other solely dashes.
    • Morse Code uses a series of dots and dashes to transmit and receive messages.
  • 4 uncountable (spirit, nerve) to play/perform with dash
    tocar/actuar con brío
    to cut a dash (British)
    ser el centro de todas las miradas
    partir plaza (Mexico)
    Example sentences
    • Brimming with this new dash of energy, Darteil just needed one more psychological push.
    • It is these characteristics that give these Mozart performances, with the violinist doubling as soloist and director of the OAE, such dash and vitality.
    • If the winners emerge with some dash in their style, they may also have to contend with being All-Ireland favourites.
  • 5 countable (Sport)
    carrera (feminine) (de poca distancia)
    the 100m dash
    los 100m planos
    los 100m lisos (Spain)
    los 100m llanos (Río de la Plata)
    Example sentences
    • He runs the fastest 40-yard dash of any defensive tackle, 4.85 seconds.
    • Mornings can feel like a 50-yard dash, racing from the gym to the kids' school to the workplace.
    • The country's leading sprinters kick off the heats with the 50m dash - a tough line-up to just make the semi-final among the men.
  • 7 countable (Motor Vehicles) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • This is enlivened by Mondial blue flourishes on the dash, sports steering wheel and gearstick, and the same drilled aluminium pedals as the 172.
    • Wash and polish the bodywork, clean and polish the wheels to get rid of any engrained brake dust, vacuum and shampoo the interior and give the dash and steering wheel a good buffing.
    • The steering wheel and the dash are also made of the light and very strong material which has been used in Formula one since 1988.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (hurl) she dashed the plate to pieces
    hizo añicos or trizas el plato
    the ship was dashed against the rocks
    el barco se estrelló contra las rocas
    Example sentences
    • Ah, how the heady idealism of youth is dashed upon the rocks of the pragmatism of adulthood.
    • Bearded vultures are the only living birds known to access bone marrow, which they do by dashing bones onto rocks from great heights.
    • A predatory fish may eat it, or a strong current may dash it against a rock.
    1.2 (splash) she dashed her face with water to refresh herself
    se echó agua en la cara para refrescarse
  • 2 (disappoint) (hopes) (usually passive)
    truncar [literary]
    Example sentences
    • Hopes have been dashed for all 38 employees of the ill-fated car dealership DC Cook with the announcement that they are being made redundant.
    • Lauren, who has been dancing since she was just three years-old, hopes to become a professional dancer, but knows her hopes will be dashed if the course shuts.
    • The year 2000 started out full of hope for all of us but, sadly, during the course of the past year for the farming community many of those hopes have already been dashed.
    Example sentences
    • This rather dashed me, though he doesn't know that I am a diarist, and is probably unaware that I am somewhat simple-minded.
  • 3 (mix) his hair was dashed with grey
    tenía el pelo entrecano or salpicado de gris

intransitive verb

  • 1 (rush) I dashed to the rescue
    me lancé al rescate
    she dashed out
    salió disparada
    I'll just dash across the road for some milk
    voy en frente un minuto a comprar leche
    to dash into/across the room
    entrar en/atravesar la habitación como una exhalación
    I can't stay long, I must dash [colloquial]
    me voy corriendo, que tengo prisa
    me voy corriendo, que estoy apurada (Latin America)
    Example sentences
    • Other people could be seen on the streets now, hurrying animals that dashed in and out of store to cars or homes, getting what needed to be done, done.
    • He quickly swept his daughter into his arms, grabbed his travel bag and dashed towards the open door and into the chaos of the ship.
    • Drew and Seigi dashed out and hurried towards their fathers, calling and laughing as they ran.
  • 2 (crash)
    Example sentences
    • It's a dirty old night out there, wind howling, rain dashing against the windows, not at all the kind of night to move far from the fireside.
    • Not proper rain, not good rain - but a light, spitting rain that came dashing down from the peaks and was too cold to make the grass grow.

Phrasal verbs

dash off

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (write hurriedly)
escribir corriendo
2verb + adverb (leave hastily)
irse corriendo
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