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deal 1

American English: /dil/
British English: /diːl/


  • 1 1.1 (indicating amount) a great/good o fair deal of somethingit makes a great/good o fair deal of difference
    cambia mucho/bastante las cosas
    I've given the question a great deal of thought
    he reflexionado mucho sobre el asunto
    we haven't got a great deal of money
    no tenemos mucho dinero
    there's not a great deal I can do to help
    no es demasiado lo que yo puedo hacer para ayudar
    a deal of something (archaic or dialect)there's a deal of work to be done
    hay un montón de trabajo que hacer
    1.2a great/good deal (as adverb) we've seen her a great deal o we've seen a great deal of her lately
    la hemos visto mucho or muy a menudo últimamente
    he's a good deal smarter than he looks
    es bastante más inteligente de lo que parece
    did you enjoy the party? — not a great deal
    ¿te divertiste en la fiesta? — no demasiado
  • 2 2.1 (agreement) they shook hands on the deal
    cerraron el trato con un apretón de manos
    it's a deal! the deal is on
    se ha llegado a un acuerdo
    to do o make o cut a deal with somebody
    llegar a un acuerdo con alguien
    hacer or cerrar un trato or hacer un pacto con alguien
    what's the deal? (American English) [colloquial]
    ¿qué pasa?
    to make a big deal out of somethingI don't want to make a big deal out of it, but I had to pay …
    no quiero hacer un problema por esto, pero tuve que pagar …
    she made such a big deal out of choosing a hat
    hizo tantos aspavientos para elegir un sombrero
    it's no big deal
    no es nada del otro mundo
    big deal! [ironic]so he's taking you to a dance, big deal!
    así que te lleva a un baile ¡pues vaya or mira tú! [ironic]
    a $5 token of their gratitude, big deal!
    $5 como muestra de su gratitud ¡qué generosidad! [ironic]
    I had to get up at six — big deal!
    me tuve que levantar a las seis — ¡qué horror! [ironic]
    2.2 (financial arrangement) a new deal for the clothing industry
    un nuevo acuerdo salarial para la industria de la confección
    she got a very good deal when she left the company
    llegó a un buen arreglo económico al dejar la compañía
    he got a very good deal out of the bank
    consiguió que el banco le ofreciera muy buenas condiciones
    the New Deal
    (política económica aplicada entre 1933 y 1940 por la administración del presidente Roosevelt)
    Example sentences
    • Mr Firth said that Yorkshire business people were also becoming better networkers and he expected many businesses to benefit from deals secured at the event.
    • Financial matters and business deals are arranged according to your directions.
    • I like what I do and I've been involved in a number of deals, negotiations and business transactions which have proved satisfying.
    2.3 (bargain) you'll get a better deal if you shop around
    lo conseguirás más barato si vas a otras tiendas
  • 3 (treatment) the disabled deserve a better deal
    los minusválidos merecen un mejor trato or algo mejor
    the children had a very rough deal after their parents' divorce
    los niños sufrieron mucho a raíz del divorcio de los padres
    she's had a raw deal in life
    la vida la ha tratado muy mal
    Example sentences
    • The mark guarantees workers such as tea pluckers in Sri Lanka and banana farmers in the Windward Islands receive a reasonable deal.
    • The expectations are not always met and we always want to believe that we are at the receiving end of a bad deal all the time.
    • A Conservative government with its ridiculous position of re-negotiating agreed treaties will only result in a bad deal for Britain.
  • 4 (Games) (no plural)
    reparto (masculine) (de las cartas)
    it's my/your deal
    me toca a mí/te toca a ti dar or repartir
    doy or reparto yo/das or repartes tú
    Example sentences
    • After the deal but before the players pick up their cards, the top card of each hand is turned up.
    • The player who received the first card from the deal may be known as eldest hand, or as forehand.
    • In the old days, maybe a few hundred dollars rode on the last deal of a card in five stud or five draw.
    Example sentences
    • After each hand, the deal passes to next player to the left of the previous dealer who is still in.
    • In baccarat the deal goes counterclockwise around the table from player to player.
    • If both players pass, the bones are thrown in and the deal passes to the next player.
    Example sentences
    • So even if you fold, you may still get the chance to win the current pot on the following deal.
    • This can be done at any time during the deal by an active player who has a card matching their score.
    • From the second deal onwards, players form partnerships according to their scores.

transitive verb past tense & past participle dealt

  • 1
    to deal somebody a good/bad hand
    darle a alguien una buena/mala mano
    I was dealt three aces
    me tocaron tres ases
    Example sentences
    • In this casino banking game three cards are dealt to each player and two face down to the dealer.
    • The cards will be dealt by the player on declarer's left, and cut by the player opposite to declarer.
    • Next, a third hole card is dealt to each player, followed by another round of betting.
  • 2to deal somebody/something a blow
    asestarle un golpe a alguien/algo

intransitive verb past tense & past participle dealt

  • (Games)
    Example sentences
    • Adam gave Rocky an annoyed look, but gathered the cards to deal him in.
    • Europe says deal us in: despite record dollar vs. euro rates, or perhaps because of them, there are some unusual deals and low prices for rooms in parts of Europe.
    • We would have dealt them in a different time, I think.

Phrasal verbs

deal in

1verb + preposition + object (Business)
(antiques/second-hand cars)
dedicarse a la compra y venta de
comerciar en
to deal in securities
operar en valores mobiliarios
2verb + object + adverb (in card games) deal me in!
dame cartas a mí también

deal out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
a judge who deals out harsh sentences
un juez que dicta sentencias muy duras
the punishment that was dealt out to them
el castigo que se les aplicó or impuso

deal with

verb + preposition + object
1 1.1 (do business with)
tener relaciones comerciales con
the government won't deal with terrorists
el gobierno no negociará con los terroristas
1.2 (behave) to deal fairly with somebody
tratar a alguien con justicia
portarse bien con alguien
2 2.1 (handle, tackle) the problem must be dealt with now
hay que ocuparse del or hay que resolver el problema ahora mismo
I don't know how to deal with this problem
no sé qué hacer con or no sé cómo atacar este problema
they can deal with any kind of emergency
saben qué hacer or saben cómo reaccionar en cualquier tipo de emergencia
this complaint has not been dealt with yet
nadie se ha ocupado de or nadie ha atendido esta reclamación todavía
I know how to deal with him
yo sé cómo tratarlo
I prefer to deal with her
yo prefiero tratar con ella
I always have to deal with the awkward customer
siempre me toca a mí lidiar con el cliente difícil
we'll see how he deals with this class
ya veremos cómo se las arregla con esta clase
2.2 (be responsible for)
ocuparse or encargarse de
2.3 (punish) your mother will deal with you
ya te las verás con tu madre
the judge dealt with her severely
el juez fue severo con ella
3 (issue/matter) (discuss, treat)
(have as subject) tratar de
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There are 2 entries that translate deal into Spanish:

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deal 2

American English: /dil/
British English: /diːl/


  • uncountable (wood)
    Example sentences
    • This has red deal timber flooring, wainscoting to dado level, a baluster railing and plaster cornicing.
    • He still slept in his camp bed, and used a dining-table that he had made out of deal boards with four fencing posts for legs.
    • The paved back court, under which the kitchen and scullery were situated, was to include at its northern end a ‘seat or small building’ with deal columns.
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