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Pronunciation: /dɪˈfens; ˈdiːfens; dɪˈfens/
, (BrE) defence


  • 1 u 1.1 [Mil] defensa (f) Secretary of Defense (in (US) ) Ministro, -tra (m,f) or (Méx) Secretario, -ria (m,f) de Defensa (before n) [spending] de defensa Defence Minister (in (UK) ) Ministro, -tra (m,f) or (Méx) Secretario, -ria (m,f) de Defensa 1.2 (on personal level) defensa (f) to come to sb's defense salir* or acudir en defensa de algn the old man didn't put up much of a defense against the muggers el anciano no opuso mucha resistencia a los asaltantes
  • 2 c 2.1 (protection) defensa (f), protección (f) defense against sth defensa or protección contra algo 2.2 (apologia) defensa (f) a convincing defense of his theories una convincente defensa de sus teorías
  • 3
    (defenses pl)
    [Med] [Mil] [Psych] defensas (fpl) the body's defenses las defensas del organismo to lower o drop one's defenses bajar la guardia I wore down his defenses conseguí que bajara la guardia
  • 4 c [Law] defensa (f) the accused will conduct his own defense el acusado se hará cargo de or llevará su propia defensa ignorance of the law is no defense la ignorancia de la ley no exime de su cumplimiento the defense la defensa (before n) defense counsel abogado defensor, abogada defensora (m,f) defense witness testigo (mf) de la defensa

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