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Pronunciation: /ˈdɪfrəns/


  • 1 c u 1.1 (dissimilarity) diferencia (f) spot the difference (puzzle) los 9 ( or 7 etc) errores, encuentre las diferencias (AmL) to tell the difference notar or ver* la diferencia a holiday with a difference unas vacaciones diferentes
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    • Structural differences between the various drugs account for the differences in the potential side effects.
    • The differences between the present study and prior work likely represent differences in patient selection.
    • Therefore differences between the experiments could be attributed to differences in genetic background of the species that are not shared.
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    • There is in America a sense of distance from other nations, and of difference from them, which has been long remarked and debated.
    • The question then becomes: how can we free difference from these normative connotations?
    • A quick click on my archives, and I find that there's not much difference from last Christmas.
    1.2to make a/no difference it could make a difference in o (BrE) to the outcome podría influir en el resultado it will make no difference to you a ti no te va a afectar does it make any difference to you if we go today? ¿te es or te da lo mismo si vamos hoy? it makes a difference having a computer las cosas son muy distintas con una computadora would it make a great deal of difference in o (BrE) to the cost? ¿supondría una gran diferencia de precio?, ¿cambiaría mucho el precio? what difference does it make? — it makes all the difference in the world ¿qué importa? — importa muchísimo an extra $100 would make all the difference con 100 dólares más, las cosas serían totalmente diferentes it will cost you £5 or as near as makes no difference te costará unas 5 libras poco más o menos 1.3 (change) diferencia (f) the difference in him since he started slimming is amazing es increíble el cambio que ha dado or cómo ha cambiado desde que empezó a adelgazar
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    • Secondly, it assumes coat armour to be hereditary in the male lines of a family, with differences to distinguish cadet branches.
    1.4 [Math] diferencia (f) the difference between six and two is four la diferencia entre seis y dos es cuatro to split the difference dividirse la diferencia (a partes iguales)
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    • If the antecedent is more true than the consequent, then the conditional is less than the maximal truth by the difference between their values.
    • The difference between the expected value and the certainty equivalent is the risk premium for the gamble.
    • It is claimed that there remains a substantial difference between that sum and the full amount of the loss.
  • 2 c (disagreement) [often euph] diferencia (f) they've had their differences han tenido sus diferencias to settle o resolve one's differences saldar or resolver* sus ( or mis etc) diferencias we put aside our differences olvidamos nuestras diferencias
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    • Naturally, we will have our differences and our disputes, but we must be especially wary of the tendency to cast them in terms of a fictitious religious strife.
    • Governments are often beset by internal divisions and dispute, but such differences have traditionally been over politics or policy.
    • In a voluntary society like the church we rely heavily on the ties that bind us together as the body of Christ as a way of resolving our differences and disputes.

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