There are 2 translations of dive in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /daɪv/

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo (past tense of/pasado de dived or (in American English also/en inglés norteamericano también) , dove past participle of/participio pasado de, dived)

  • 1 1.1 (from height) zambullirse*, tirarse (al agua), tirarse or echarse un clavado (Latin America/América Latina) she dived into the water se zambulló, se tiró al agua 1.2 (under surface) [person/whale] sumergirse*, zambullirse*; [submarine] sumergirse* can you dive down and pick it up? ¿te zambulles y lo recoges? we'll dive to a depth of 100 feet bajaremos a 100 pies de profundidad to dive for pearls/treasure bucear buscando perlas/tesoros to go diving ir* a hacer submarinismo or a bucear
    More example sentences
    • Liv raised her arms over her head and then dove swiftly into the water.
    • More than fifty hardy souls, many very young and a few of advanced years, dived, jumped or simply slid into the icy water.
    • Every summer there are serious accidents that occur when people dive or jump off of boats into shallow water.
    More example sentences
    • The fish dived as one for the ocean floor and capsized the boat.
    • In a swirl the fish dived and headed downstream, pulling the rod tip downwards to the water surface.
    • Again, a short pumping cadence is efficient; dropping the high tip low to the water gives the fish more time to dive as you reel to recover line.
    More example sentences
    • Check the equipment before diving for once you dive, you will not get a chance to do that and its malfunctioning in the water can be hazardous.
    • You go out diving and swim through a kelp forest, which is the sort of thing you associate with temperate coasts, and then you're suddenly in a coral bed.
    • You should not be swimming or diving if you have recently been drinking alcohol.
    More example sentences
    • One time, I had to run as the security guard's lights aimed in my direction, and I dove head first into a prickle bush to get hidden in time.
    • He leaped to his feet faster than I'd ever seen him move and dived for the sink.
    • Terrified residents had scrambled out of bed and dived for cover after being woken by the gunshot early yesterday morning.
    More example sentences
    • Kel dropped the map and dove for her pocket before she realized that the stone hung from her belt.
    • My first client dove into her bag for her cell phone.
    • He dived into his pocket and brought out a handful of sliver quarters, which he scattered among the crowd.
    More example sentences
    • Players are trained to dive and manipulate refs to get decisions their way.
    • If he was not fouled and the ball was not won, then he dived.
    • Then they tackled, he went down claiming a foul and she was spotted motioning that he'd dived.
    1.3 (swoop) [plane/bird] bajar en picada or (Spain/España) en picado
    More example sentences
    • The aircraft dived as it was buffeted by turbulence at 34,000 ft, lifting passengers high out of their seats and leaving them in fear of their lives.
    • I watched a few birds dive and glide.
    • The arrow shot through the air like an eagle diving for a mouse and its aim was just as true.
  • 2 2.1 (lunge, move suddenly) he dived for cover under the table se tiró or se metió debajo de la mesa para protegerse he dived to save the penalty se lanzó para salvar el penalty 2.2 (thrust hand) she dived into her pocket for a coin se metió la mano en el bolsillo buscando una moneda 2.3 (attack greedily) [colloquial/familiar] they dived for the food se lanzaron or se abalanzaron sobre la comida
  • 3 (drop sharply) [currency/sales/population] caer* en picada or (Spain/España) en picado, pegar* un bajón [colloquial/familiar]
    More example sentences
    • The low-cost carrier's share price dived early last year when it released a profit warning.
    • The company's chief executive resigned and the share price dived.
    • As a result it was weighed down by debt and its share price dived.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo (past tense of/pasado de dived or (in American English also/en inglés norteamericano también) , dove past participle of/participio pasado de, dived)

  • she dived her hand into her bag metió la mano en el bolso


  • 2 (lunge, sudden movement) [colloquial/familiar] he made a dive for the gun se abalanzó sobre la pistola we made a dive for the nearest doorway nos precipitamos hacia la salida más próxima (full-length) dive (in soccer) estirada (feminine) to take a dive (in boxing) [slang/argot] hacer* tongo [colloquial/familiar], dejarse ganar

Phrasal verbs

dive in

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio
[colloquial/familiar] (into water) zambullirse*, tirarse al agua, tirarse or echarse un clavado (Latin America/América Latina) dive in! (start eating) ¡al ataque! [colloquial/familiar], ¡ataquen or (Spain/España) atacar! [colloquial/familiar] the best thing is to dive right in (into task) lo mejor es meterse de lleno or [colloquial/familiar] de cabeza en la tarea

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