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American English: /ˈdəb(ə)l/
British English: /ˈdʌb(ə)l/

Translation of double in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (twice as much)
    a double brandy/vodka
    un coñac/vodka doble
    she's double your age
    te dobla la edad
    it's double that
    es el doble de eso
    we get double pay on Sundays
    los domingos nos pagan el doble or nos dan paga doble
    a double dip (US) [colloquial]
    dos bolas or un doble de helado
    Example sentences
    • They were served in generous quantity, almost double normal size.
    • The bunker is the size of a double garage with 3 fences around it, a microwave intruder alarm detection system and 32 armed policemen.
    • Opened flat, the double page size is 7 x 5.5 inches, quite large enough for an effective sketch should I want to get serious.
    1.2 (in pair)
    my number is double three seven double four eight (esp British)
    mi número es tres tres siete, cuatro cuatro ocho
    it's spelled with a double 't'
    se escribe con dos tes
    a double negative (Linguistics)
    una doble negación
    double bend
    curva (feminine) en S (read as: curva en ese)
    a double six (Games)
    un seis doble or un doble seis
    inflation reached double figures or digits
    la inflación alcanzó/rebasó el 10%
    Example sentences
    • I mean, who has three sets of double letters in their name?
    • People think there can't possibly be two lots of double letters in one word so they often drop one set.
    • Moreover, the double letter ‘a’ is atypical in the German language.
    1.3 (for two)
    de matrimonio
    de dos plazas (Latin America)
    Example sentences
    • I've got a caravan to myself with quite a bit of room - sofa, double bed, etc - a few yards from the main farm house.
    • Kane now sleeps on the living room sofa as Ikolo and her baby share the double bed in her room.
    • £235,000 buys you a 99-year lease on a small serviced room with a double bed, en-suite shower and all mod cons.
    1.4 (folded) to fold something double
    doblar algo por la mitad
    he was bent double with the pain
    se retorcía del dolor
    Example sentences
    • Reinforcing this effect are a series of terraces leading invitingly from formal and casual living areas through sets of double doors to the home paddock and bush beyond.
    • Because of the large double doors it lends itself to easy access for deliveries with ample parking to the front and side of the building.
    • There was a mesh grille behind the double doors, and I wondered if anyone else was there.
  • 2 2.1 (dual) a double purpose
    un doble propósito
    2.2 (false) to lead a double life
    llevar una doble vida
    to play a double game
    hacer un doble juego


  • 1 (twice as much)
    el doble
    she spends double what she earns
    gasta el doble de lo que gana
    I pay double the rent I did last year
    pago el doble de alquiler que el año pasado
    double 7 is 14
    el doble de 7 es 14
    Example sentences
    • In fact we are double daft because we've just held two little soirées - one for family and one for colleagues and friends.
    • It's three against three and my vote counts double.
    • Away goals do not count double in Fifa's rulebook.
  • 2 (two together)to see double
    ver doble


  • 1 1.1 (hotel room)
    Example sentences
    • Otherwise, ask for a standard double with a sea view: the moody purples and glowing oranges at dusk and dawn are quite spectacular.
    • The offer entitles readers to a complimentary upgrade of room, from a standard double to a Hallmark / Delux room.
    • For a good quality pocket-sprung mattress, expect to pay from £875 for a standard double at Vi-Spring.
    1.2 (of spirits)
    medida (feminine) doble
    Example sentences
    • Last night Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon admitted that offering doubles rather than singles was standard practice in all the company's pubs.
    • Another gin and tonic, honey - better make it a double.
    • Many pubs now serve doubles as standard.
  • 2 (lookalike)
    Example sentences
    • Was this the real man or a double?
    • Spark's friend, Nita McEwen, physically almost her double, was shot dead by Nita's husband in a hotel where Spark was staying.
    • This is too unlikely a similarity to be mere coincidence, and it produces the eerie suspicion/sensation that the women are doubles of one another.
  • 3 3.1 (in bridge, dice, dominoes, darts) to throw a double
    sacar un doble
    Example sentences
    • Doubles of declarer are ringed, to make it easier to ensure that each player makes her compulsory two doubles of declarer.
    • The declarer must hold at least 4 doubles to announce Plunge.
    • If someone then bids higher, any previous doubles and redoubles are cancelled.
    Example sentences
    • A player must hit his double to become a killer and can then start the business of taking lives from other players by scoring in their double.
    • Not only this, but, fortified by the fact that I had drunk his lager by mistake, Ken managed to hit the winning double in the second leg of the last match.
    (in billiards) doblete (masculine)
    3.3 (Sport) (double win) 3.4 (in gambling) double or nothing or (British) quits
    (el) doble o nada
  • 4 (two victories) (Sport)the double
    el doblete
    Example sentences
    • Dorset county player Carly Cummins has completed an international double with a comfortable victory in the Spanish sunshine.
    • LEIGH RMI youth team completed a unique double by winning the NW Youth Alliance league and cup.
    • Bilton remain on course for the double after Saturday's victory over Kirkstall kept them nine points clear at the top.
    Example sentences
    • Though not as comprehensive as their win early in the season, Holme Wood Athletic completed a double over Oakenshaw.
    • Salford seek a double over the Tigers and after wins against Warrington and Huddersfield, a third Super League victory in a row.
  • 5 (pace)at or on the double (Military) come here at the double!
    ¡ven aquí inmediatamente!

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (increase twofold)
    I'd double the amount of sugar
    yo le pondría el doble de azúcar
    I'll double that offer
    yo ofrezco el doble
    Example sentences
    • Back in July, IFG said its profit was set to double by 2007.
    • This personal touch has paid off handsomely for the bank with profits more than doubling in the past three years to €504m.
    • Not only has supply more than doubled, but twice as much oil and four times as much gas has been added to reserves.
    Example sentences
    • Using cannabis once or twice a week almost doubles the risk of suffering psychotic symptoms in later life, researchers said yesterday.
    • Even if merchandising income were to double the star's revenues, at current levels the company stands to take back around half what they have paid out.
    • She also kept her composure out on the course, more than doubling her overnight three stroke lead with a near faultless two under par 71, which included only one bogey as well as three birdies.
    1.2 (Games)
  • 2 (fold)
    doblar por la mitad
    (fist) (US)
    Example sentences
    • By definition, a pleat is a fold in cloth made by doubling the material upon itself and then pressing or stitching it into place.
    • The bandage was a torn piece of cloth and had been doubled over to make it thick enough.
    Example sentences
    • I doubled my fist, and punched him in the stomach.
    • I looked at him, shocked and angry at his ungrateful outburst, then doubled my fist.
    • Rob stood, doubled up both fists, and struck the giant in the neck.
  • 3 (Cinema, Theatre)she doubles the parts of maid and princess
    interpreta dos papeles: el de criada y el de princesa
    Example sentences
    • It wasn't like playing two different characters at all, but doubling the same one.
  • 4 (sail around)

intransitive verb

  • 1 (increase twofold)
  • 2 (have dual role)the table doubles as a desk
    la mesa también se usa como escritorio
    somebody doubled for him in the dangerous scenes
    alguien lo doblaba en las escenas peligrosas
    the clarinetist doubles on saxophone
    el clarinetista también toca el saxofón

Phrasal verbs

double back

verb + adverb
volver sobre sus pasos
the path doubled back on itself
el camino doblaba sobre sí mismo

double over

verb + adverb
(person) double up 1

double up

verb + adverb
1 (bend, fold up)
doblarse en dos
to double up with laughter
morirse or desternillarse de risa
2 (share)
compartir la habitación ( or cama etc. )
3 (redouble) (US)
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